Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Are you attending the BlogHer Conference?

I hope it's ok to post this. I'm going to be at the BlogHer Conference in Chicago (this Friday & Saturday) would love to meet folks from the Food Blog S'cool if you happen be attending.

There's a conference on photographing food that sounds interesting. Please email me at chiefeater at dailyeats dot com

here's a tip I've been using Flip Video to take videos, very inexpensive video recording device. I found using MovieMaker real easy. I actually like doing video more than writing.


This Post was written by Tery - chiefeater from Daily Eats


Alanna said...
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Tery Spataro said...

Hi Alanna,
Look forward to meeting you!!
I'll give you a call tomorrow. my email is Sometimes the comments don't work with mozilla. I haven't figured it out yet.
I'm so looking forward to BlogHer!

Kalyn said...

Tery, I will be there too, along with all of all these bloggers. There are some we found out about just in the last few days that aren't listed in that post too. Should be great. See you there!

Tery Spataro said...

Alanna and Kalyn and food bloggers at blogher,

it was nice to meet you all. The Chinese restaurant was great!

until next year!