Saturday, July 21, 2007

FeedBurner Integration for Blogger Blogs

A "By the way" for those of you who use Blogger as your blogging platform. Blogger is now integrated with Feedburner, so that if you want Feedburner to manage your feeds, it is now a very simple process to redirect your feed to Feedburner. See the details here .

Why bother with Feedburner? Feedburner gives you amazing stats on your feed - how many people actually subscribe to your feed, what feed services are pulling them (Bloglines vs MyYahoo vs Google Reader etc), how many people actually click-through your feed to your website, etc. Feedburner has an easy - "subscribe to feed using email" service, and many other services to help promote your feed.

This Post was written by Elise from Simply Recipes.


Kalyn said...

This is very worthwhile for Blogger users, even if you're already using feedburner. Because blogger publishes its own versions of your feed, without this redirect feedburner can only track people who sign up through the feedburner feed.

I put in my feedburner url to re-direct all feeds yesterday, and now I can get stats on everyone who reads my blog through a feed reader, whether or not they originally signed up for the feedburner feed. It was fun; I discovered I had twice as many feed subscribers as feedburner had been reporting without the re-direct.

Ilva said...

Thank you both of you! I re-entered Lucullian in Feedburner and did it right this time and then I did what Kalyn writes about and wow did I see a change in statistics, I realized that I have 15 times more subscribers than I thought! That's a BIG difference!

Kalyn said...

Ilva, very cool!