Tuesday, July 10, 2007

(photos) open question to headmistress Sam


I have noticed recently that your images have become HUGE (~200-250k) compared to what they were a while back. My guess is that this is tactical (anti-scrapers or such) but I figured I'd ask why you are going for this kind of file size. I was going to send mail but I also thought that others might be interested in your answer and reasoning. Because you always have good reasons for such.

Thanks for enlightening me!

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McAuliflower said...

doh- the headmistress is busy.

I too am interested in the response.
I'm guessing this is a mistake on Sam's part.

One idea is that Sam is intentionally keeping the file size large to allow people to blow the images up for use as desktop images. But there are better ways to do that (link the under 30 kb site image to the larger image hosted somewhere else).

I link most of my photos to flickr where I have larger ones available.

Cybele said...

I've noticed that Sam's shifted from JPGs to PNG files. That may account for the file size difference.

Sam said...

yes - its my fault
I am using PNGs all day long at work - and I keep forgetting to not use them at home. It's just a natural thing when I hit the save button.
That's all. I am sorry, I have been trying to remember to use jpgs at home. Sorry! I will try harder. And sorry - I haven't been on this site for a week. Been busy making pngs....!

McAuliflower said...

Pfft- no apologies needed Sam.

We were just wondering if you were on to something special. :)

kitchenmage said...

No apology needed, Sam. We are just a curious bunch...and we have questions too. grin Autopilot is as good a reason for doing something as anything I can come up with.

Thanks for the clarification.