Sunday, July 01, 2007

[Not so] New Pupils

I have been so behind with adding new pupils to the blog roll.
I apologize.
I have now caught up for 2006. You can find them in the new classes on the blog roll as follows:

Z 06 Zucchini
A 06 Arbroath Smokies
B 06 Bakewell Tarts
C 06 Cream Crackers
D 06 Dabberlocks

Next I will start work on the pupils who signed up this year.

This Post was written by a very sorry for being so flaky Sam from Becks & Posh


cookiecrumb said...

OMG, distinctly British food names! Fun!
Do you think you can carry it out all the way to zed?

Sam said...

I hope so - it's the most fun part of the job. maybe even the only fun part of the job.

Kalyn said...

I do love the names too, and I can imagine what a huge job it is. Thanks for keeping it going for all of us.

Sean said...

I somehow never got entered in a class. Guess I'm a Food Blog S'cool dropout. :-)

And it's OK to be flaky, cuz you're also tender and sweet.

food blog scool said...

That's what becomes of going through the back door instead of applying through the proper channels Sean, you aren't correctly in the system. The pupils are put in the classes when they send an email request to the food blog scool email - they get ordered and starred accordingly waiting to be seen to. I have a kind of system. But if you remember you wrote to me at my regular address and asked me to sign you up, which is probably why you slipped off the radar. I will try and remember to add you in the next batch. Actually you'll have to be a Dabberlock straggler since you've been a member since 2006. Hope that's ok.

Vanessa said...

Thank Sam...I'm quite proud to be a tart.

Sean said...

Damn me and my backdoor shenanigans. I'm happy to be a Dabberlock -- and now I'll go look that up.

Sam said...

I wish I was a Dabberlock, I tell you. It sounds cool.

kitchenmage said...

beware the Dabberlock my friend... (now I have to go see what I am)

lucette said...

Please--no apologies for being flakey! This is such a great site, and has been so useful to me, and I'm sure others. I don't post a lot, mostly lurk and learn, so I'm taking this opportunity to say thanks for all your efforts, Sam.