Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Blogger Glitch=I can't type in titles to my posts
Someone recently asked me to reset my Blogger RSS settings to the "long" form and suddenly I couldn't post titles to my posts.
I reset back to the "short" form but today I can no longer put anything in the Title window!
Anyone have a solution to this or experienced this Blogger glitch?
It's a work-around
Simply go into Edit HTML mode and type in your TITLE.
The title window IS accessible there for whatever reason??!

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Kalyn said...

This is just a wild guess, but under settings/formatting there is a drop down menu that says "Show Title Field." Do you have that checked yes? There won't be a place to put a title if that isn't checked.

Joanna said...

This is a widespread problem on Blogger right now. The Blogger team knows about it and will fix it shortly (hopefully).

I found a work-around was to edit the title field in Preview mode.

ParisBreakfasts said...

Thanks Kalyn - everything is checked in SHOW TITLE but I still can not type in the TITLE window.

Nor can I fix it in Preview format
I'll have to wait I guess...

Joanna said...

Another solution from a friend: just make the first line of your post the title. It'll show up in RSS feeds and on the page as the title, and you can even bold it if it makes you feel better.

Google suggests: "In the meantime, please try moving your mouse pointer to the top edge of the title field instead of positioning the pointer at the center of the title field, in order to select the title field and enter a title for your post."

Good luck!

cybele said...

I was having this issue too, I've found that I can type in the field once I click "preview". Very frustrating. I just figured it was because I was using firefox.

Meeta said...

Like Joanna, I too discovered that in Preview mode you are able to type in the titles. Another issue is (not sure if they are related) is if you have an HTML widget in your sidebar some of them are stuck in Rich Text mode and you cannot switch to HTML mode. Pain in the ass when you can only work with HTML codes.

Cate said...

Count me in as having the same problem for the last few days as well. For now, I've found that if I move my mouse carefully to near the beginning of the text box and hover it around slowly until a vertical line shows up, and click, it will let me in. Hope this helps.

Kalyn said...

I was writing a post just now and it seemed as if it wouldn't let me click in that box, so I went into preview like people suggested. It still seemed like I wasn't going to be able to type the title (the cursor would not show when I clicked there) but when I started to type, it worked.

Joanna said...

Meeta- Yes! I've had the same widget problem- not being able to switch to HTML mode or even click the rich text buttons to add a link or anything. My guess was that the javascript was broken on the widget edit form, and those are all javascript-driven buttons.

(Can anyone tell I'm a computer programmer, rather than a chef, by profession? :) )

ParisBreakfasts said...

And it's a work-around
Simply go into HTML mode and type in your TITLE.
The title window IS accessible there for whatever reason??!