Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Heatmap your traffic!

This is one for those of you who are stat-junkies.

I use statcounter and also have all the stats from my server but when I heard about Crazy Egg and how their service gives you a graphical representation of your hits, I thought I might like to give it a try. I found out about this from Darren over at ProBlogger.

I try all sorts of things like this, often to little effect. I have to say, I have learned a lot by seeing the hits laid over the page.

It will tell you if your ads are being hit, if people are clicking deeper into your site, if people are clicking your photos (I am guessing because they expect them to be flickr-linked OR to right-click to download, something you can not tell with this software).

Here are a few screenshots.

Heatmapping hits

Crazy Egg stats: heatmap

"confetti" annotation

Crazy Egg stats: confetti

All you need to be able to do is access your template and put the code you will get once you sign up for the free trial.

Let me know if you use this and if you have found anything earth shattering!

This Post was written by Nika from Nika's Culinaria


Erika said...

That's awesome! Thanks for sharing it Nika, it's very interesting to see where people go once they leave my site.

Derrick said...

Even for recovered stats junkies, this is a pretty neat representation of the data. Makes me want to install it just to play with it :)

nika said...

Erika: Yeah. Its hard to get a sense of it just looking at urls.

derrick: I will take no responsibility for recovered stat-junkies falling off their wagons! Tho I do feel their pain.

Cate said...

Thanks for the heads up, Nika - looks like a fun, must-have new accessory. ;)

Tana said...

Any Typepad users have any idea where to insert the code they give yo:

script type="text/javascript" src=""> /script

It's supposed to come right before the close-body tag and the close-HTML tag.


SusanV said...

It looks so cool, but as I read it, you have to pay for it to work for more than 5000 site visits, right? Does it just stop working after you reach that number of visits? Or keep the same info up for the rest of the month?

nika said...

susanv: yeah, its that old free lunch thing. I set one trial to one day and it has expired. It just sits there, frozen in time.

Owen said...

I've used this for about a year - and it can be useful - but as some of you mentioned - the free version is kind of limited. It basically gives you up to 1000 snapshots per month for free - and then sits without updating once it hits 1000. But you can reset it every month and if you don't make changes to you blog very often, it'll be good enough to track changes and effects. And if you have lots of traffic and make lots of changes you probably OUGHT to pay for it.

Jimmy Jarred said...

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