Thursday, August 16, 2007

How do you put Stumble upon etc. links on every post

I've noticed that some bloggers have "stumble upon", technorati, diggs and other similar links at the bottom of each post. I'd like to do the same, but am not sure how to go about it.

For example Stumble Upon says...

Installing StumbleUpon links within Blogger/Blogspot
Download this image or
grab another icon and upload it to your blogger account.
Login in to
Click on the template tab (to modify template)
Find the <$BlogItemBody$> tag
Cut and paste the following and replace **LINK TO
stumbleit.gif** with the image your uploaded:

Template Changes
Republish your blog

So here are my questions....

1. where exactly do I upload the icon html to in my blogger account?

2. do I put the code they provide ....

a) between the <>

b) between the $$

c) replace the entire <$blogitemblog$>

Any advice would be welcome.

This Post was written by Ruth from Onceuponafeast.


SusanV said...

Hi Ruth!

The way I do it (and the simplest way, I believe) is to use Feed Flare from Feedburner. If you have a Feedburner account, go to it and click on Optimize. In the left column, look for Feed Flare and click on it. You can choose from a whole list of links to add to the bottom of each post and/or each feed, including Stumble This. After you make your choices, go to the bottom and choose the type of blogging software you use, and a box will pop up with instructions on how to add it to your template. Be sure to click Save on the original page to save all of your choices.

Does that make any sense? It's really very easy to do, and the instructions will tell you exactly what to place in your template and where. No need to download anything, as far as I can remember.

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