Wednesday, October 17, 2007

First Time Blog Event Host - question?

Hello everyone and thanks for help with calendaring, formatting, etc. so far. I'm tickled at how responsive this group is!

Because no good deed goes's another question.

  • Am I meant to wait until the roundup - after the end date of the event - to post the entries?

It seems too long to wait. I'd rather post as they come in and then also do round up but that seems a little onerous, too?

At least some of my work is paying off already: The Boston Herald picked up my piece!

This Post was written by Jacqueline from Leather District Gourmet.


Owen said...

Hi there,

There aren't really RULES for most of this but it is almost always that you wait to post until the roundup. That's one of the reasons I ask people to put entries in comments - that way people who are interested can track them as they come in as well.

But like I said - no rules. People hosting really BIG events often break the roundup into pieces and when you do events that are more lacksadaisical like I do with Paper Chef then you often get late entries - which I still try to get in. Good luck!

Alanna said...

I like to do what I call a 'running round-up', and update it along the way as entries come in. That way, when people write their own entries, they link directly to the round-up, which helps readers/followers to actually find the collection of similar recipes.

Because there are 'link' benefits for participants with this practice, at the end, I do a thank you post that repeats all the participants.

Jack said...

You get to do it as you wish. So do what you think is best. (I vote for posting as they come reason not to.)