Sunday, October 21, 2007

Problems with blogroll in wordpress


I used wordpress to host my blog and it works well overall, though it will not display my blogroll. I have many links in the system though it just doesn't load in the sidebar (using widgets)

Has anyone had a similar problem?

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Vanessa said...

3 things I can think of:

The first is probably just too silly to merit mentioning but...In the WP interface, when you add a link make sure that you choose to have it visible.

The second: If they are marked visible, then take everything out of your widget loader and start fresh, adding in one item at a time...beginning with the links widget. When I was running google ads they would often mess with my sidebar.

Lastly...if you use the WP default them (Kubrick) do you have that problem with your links? If not it may be that the problem is related to your theme...does the css set the widths of the header, body, footer, and sidebar wide enough?

Owen said...

I took a look at the source - I don't think they are there at all. Are you sure they are placed right in the sidebar using the widget controls?

In other words - I think only the second item that vanessa listed will help.

Conor - said...

I took the links out because they were not working, I am going to place them back there now.

Conor - said...

no luck, my diggit plugin was loading google ads which is really screwy. so I deactivated that as well. I might just keep it that way anyways, digg and google have really helped me very little in taking off.

VirgoBlue said...

It could possibly be the theme you've chosen for your blog. I know with my particular theme, I'm much more restricted with what I can and cannot do. The first background I chose was different, where I had a bit more creative freedom. I'm considering Blogspot instead to house my blog since there seems to be a bit more freedom with how you want to customize it.