Saturday, October 06, 2007

Problem with Blogger Drafts, etc.

Hi Everyone,

Since a few months ago (corresponding to either my redesign or the new Blogger, or both) I have not been able to save drafts. I see the little balloon that says "Now Blogger saves your drafts automatically!" but for me it does just the opposite--not only does it NOT save my drafts automatically but it also does not allow me to do it manually.

Also, my blogger is set up so that I have to enter the string of letters to approve a post. The thing is that EVERY SINGLE TIME on my first attempt, blogger tells me that I've entered the letters wrong and asks me to do it over again. It usually works on the second try.

What's going on? Please help!


This Post was written by Emily Stone from Chocolate in Context


Amy Sherman said...

Hi Emily, are you trying to save while in preview mode? I can't save a draft from preview, but if I switch back to compose mode I can. Sorry to hear you are having such challenges!

xsquared said...

(Delurking, hi!) By any chance, under "Edit Posts" in your Dashboard, do you have "Published" selected for "Your Posts: All, Drafts, Published"?

Emily Stone said...


Amy, I'm just in the regular editing mode.

Xquared, Under "Your posts," I have "All" selected.

Any thoughts?


chanit said...

emily ,
For your second question,
I had the same problem, a year ago,I know it's annoying.
I wrote the Blogger Team and asked them to remove that string of letters..
They review my Blog and remove it immediately .
Here is their mail add. :