Thursday, October 11, 2007

Formatting on Blogger

When the cricket club heard I was a food blogger, they asked me to set up a blog for the club. It's been a huge success, except for one thing - I can't format the players' stats. Does anyone know a way of importing to Blogger some kind of formatted grid? Which doesn't ignore all spacings?

I think if I can crack this, I'll find some way to use the knowledge on my food blog ;)


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cybele said...

I use the code < tt > < / tt> when I want to make a grid. (Use it like blockquote to enclose the whole thing.)

It just makes the type a monospace font (usually courier). That way you can align columns and stuff using dots.

Here's an example post:

You can also create a table, but I've never tried that in blogger (I do have one on my regular blog, but the way my CSS is set up, I can't move it around).

Joanna said...

Thank you SO much .. I would never have found it any other way, and I'm amazed it turns out to be so simple

Thanks again

Silverbrow said...

Joanna, check out this post on my blog, and scroll down to the table of temperatures. If you read the source code for the page (right click, view source), you'll be able to copy and paste the relevant code and amend accordingly.

Alanna said...

I've got a big table on this post, again you could get code from View / PageSource.

Joanna said...

Such generous help from you both, Silverbrow and Alanna ... next problem, how do I access the source code without right click (I use Apple ... so no right click ...)

nika said...

I use a two button mouse on my mac... You should be able to as well. Depending on what browser you are using, one of the drop down menus will have "view source"... I am not at my mac right now so I can't say which menu for sure.