Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Importing another blog's post into blogger?

My blog has been in an interesting state of flux for just over a year now. I was hoping that aligning myself with the local newspaper would provide greater visibility, and a slicker, more integrated page.

Oh, how vastly wrong I was. It's been nothing but trouble, we've shifted platforms twice, and on the new blog, I can't use any kind of formatting whatsoever. The so-called tech department can't or won't answer my questions, and I am completely fed up.

I want to move my posts back into Blogger, and have created a new blog to do so. But- how do I import all the new material over again? I'm really hoping it's not on a post-by-post basis. I've spent quite a lot of time trying to fix broken links from all the former moves, and the thought of harvesting individual posts is quite daunting.

I have failed my tribe, and am shamed. Please help. ;)

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Silverbrow said...

It depends on what blogging software the paper is currently using. For example, if it's Typepad, there is simply one button you can hit in the control panel to download all your posts to date - most people use it as a backup. IIRC you save it as notebook document and it includes all the relevant tags and html.

Similarly you can upload the notebook folder as blog posts. As I say, a feature of Typepad, I assume Blogger allows something similar.

s'kat said...

I was able to get the tech guy to donwload all my old posts from the Movable Type blog... but, it seems that Blogger does NOT offer any option to import postings between platforms, or even their own blogs.

Looks like I'll be cutting/pasting the last three years worth of work. Sigh.