Thursday, May 19, 2005

[Hosting] meme Host Etiquette

This question comes out a previous thread and is with regards to hosting a meme ie WBW, IMBB, SHF, Paper Chef, Dining Out, etc.

There are two ways a host will generally ask you to submit entries - either via email or in the comments section. (I personally prefer email method)

I recently hosted WBW and although I didn't, on the whole, reply to any of the emails, I did endeavour to post a comment on all of the participating sites (except those requiring registration).

Q1 Do you expect a personal email reply when you mail in your entry to one of these events?
[I have never expected a reply, assuming the host is too busy]

Q2 Do you expect a personal comment from the hoster on your entry?
[I really like it when the hoster makes a small effort to acknowledge my post and let me know they have actually read my entry]

In the future I might decide to respond to evey email with a non-personal reply of reassurance:
- thank you for your entry which I can confirm I have received. I expect several hundred particpants this time so please be patient while I take the time to visit every site, read every post and put together a round up. It might take quite a few days. Thank you. As well as and in addition to leaving a personalised comment on the post itself


Derrick Schneider said...

As an entrant, I expect either an email or a comment.

As a host, I usually reply via e-mail. However, it's possible comments make more sense. After I hosted WBW, I suggested to Lenn that we hosts encourage readers to give a nice welcome to newcomers, implying that they should leave comments or send an email. Many newcomers don't have a strong set of commenters, and sometimes leaving one kicks things off.

After all, we all like people to take the time to write to us.

Clare Eats said...

I was stoked when Sam left a comment for me :)


Lady Amalthea said...

Yeah, it was really sweet when Sam left me a comment; I knew that she had really taken the time to read my entry.

Derrick Schneider said...

Well, when I sent an email, I did make it clear I had read the post, but I think in the future I'll do the comment thing.

Culinary Fool said...

I think either is okay but if you ask for email submissions it would seem to make sense to get an email in return.

I wouldn't expect it to say anything other than, "Got it! Thanks!" or something like that since I know how much work is involved but I do like to know that my mail didn't drop into a black hole somewhere, especially if it's going to be a few days before the round-up.

Unfortunately, I'm currently one of the "have to register" to post people (although it's not that hard to do, everyone!) :-)

Rachael said...

I dont enter a lot of the contest/memes whatever, (and, when I did most recently I didnt send an email, I left a comment post, which was incorrect, but sweetly overlooked by Sam -- Thank you for that hon.) but I agree it is nice to get a confirmation of some sort, even the most basic form email would be fine by me. As for getting a comment on my own post, well, that's just icing on the cake.

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