Friday, May 20, 2005

[Hosting] Meme Host "Guidelines"

Sam (and all):
I'd been thinking about this since your first entry on "Be Careful What You Wish For..." because I thought you brought up some good points about what people who enter should provide. On the flip side (and you've addressed one point in the Etiquette post) maybe it would help if we had a set of minimum information that the host provides when they announce.

What do you all think of this? This looks a little long but that's because of my explanations. I think the actual amount of info is short and much could be copied from month to month.

Link to original post for history and/or link to past meme - especially for the newcomers. Sometimes hosts assume that it's clear what the meme goal is but if you haven't been in from the beginning it might not be obvious and if you don't know who created it, it can be hard to find out. I'm thinking that Lenn has the entire list of WBWs right on his main page and there is some history on IMBB for SHF, IMBB, etc.

"Rules" for current version - most people get this part. This is the ingredients or theme or whatever


Expected round up date

How to Enter:

  • Email - make sure it's provided
  • Comment - the permalink of where to post (sometimes there are several "reminder" entries, etc.)

How or if the host will reply -

Expectations - These are the things you alluded to Sam and might change based on host and meme.

  • Entry permalink
  • Entrant's name
  • Blog name and url
  • Country (yours or the wine's!) :-)
  • 2 Sentence summary
  • ...

I'm thinking that over time that last section will probably become standard and therefore easier for everyone to remember.

Is this too much? What other things would you suggest or what would you strike?

~ B


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