Thursday, May 12, 2005

[traffic] Listings on search engines

This is a first for me: I just received this email. I normally would sign my site up to any search englines I come across. But I have a silly aversion to solicitation. It's kind of suprising that this guy went to the trouble of writing me personal mail to try and get me to sign up. I've seen this kind of thing before, for people trying to sell food products, and wanting me to write about them (I always politely decline). Did anyone else get this mail? Has anyone signed up their sight with this engline? Has it bought you lots of new visitors?

I visited your site today (which is where I got your email address) and it's a great site.
Have you got your site listed free in Many sites similar to yours are listed.

In case you are not familiar with the importance of being listed in, let me just mention one of the many features that will drive traffic to your site;
They offer a free Macromedia flash download of their entire directory, which is now running on 1000's of other websites. This means your one submission to will get you listed in thousands of other websites.

There are MANY MORE features that are even more powerful and will help your page ranking in Google, but I'll let go to to check them out for yourself.

Good luck to you,


Ugo said...

One word: spam. Ignore him, he's just trying to sell you something of dubious value. There are no shortcuts to good search engine rankings.

Culinary Fool said...

I took a quick look at their site and it looks like there is a charge. It doesn't show it on the home page but does when you click for more info. It's a one time fee (or, of course, you can pay for other "memberships", too).

It might help drive traffic if people use it for searches, which in turn *could* help with google, yahoo, etc but I'd be sort of surprised it it helped enough that you could notice it!

Amy Sherman said...

For anyone interested in submitting your site to search engines I highly recommend I used it for free and liked it so much I sent the guy some $$

McAuliflower said...

ditto Ugo.

The closest thing to a shortcut would be submitting your site to the open directory project. see the bottom of the page for submitting. Read through the FAQs regarding the directory too. I've listed all my websites here and have found that the directory gets used in many other search engine/directory sites.

Generally you don't submit your site to a search engine- they have bots and spiders that search for them. That way they get a truer representation of what is out there.

Sam said...

thanks everyone. I will therefore remain as my usual distrusting of solicitors self.I didn't quite buy it which is why i posted it up here for review.

He did a pretty good job of disguising his spam though, to make it more personal, add a little flattery, and I am sure he netted a few unwary customers using this technique.

he gets a few points for effort!

Lady Amalthea said...

I'm pretty new to all of this, but I was wondering how you go about showing up on engines like google in the first place? I have searched for my blog's name and nothing comes up. Any tips?

Sam said...

we should make that the subject of a new post. will do...

paul said...

I recommend not doing any business with anyone sending you mass-mailed, unpersonalized soliciations. Please don't feed the spammers.

Yea, the Google result question is a huge issue, worthy of larger discussion.

Tana said...

It's the generic use of language that makes me most suspicious. He didn't say, "Your food blog is one of the best I've seen," but "Many sites similar to yours are listed."

Pah! Lordie, I love to report spammers at I've been shutting them down for over fifteen years: I think of it as my particular form of community service.