Wednesday, May 04, 2005

[Misc] Deleting comments that annoy you

How do you all feel about administrating your blog comments? Obviously, the spam you get rid of. But there is another level of post that is just annoying or off-topic or insulting. I am always torn about these. I mean, it is my blog, but how free do I have to let people be in posting their comments?

For example:

* You write a rave review of a restaurant and someone comes on and offers a differing opinion that they can't stand the place.

* Someone comes on to my blog -- an acquaintance actually -- and jokingly states that anyone who believes that we should know the source of our beef is a communist. Inflamatory and rude.

What do you think? Am I the only one who struggles with this?

(glad to join the forum - great discussions so far!)



Rachael said...

I asked a few weeks ago about removing comments just for that reason. Sometimes people dont realize they are sort of making odd statements that are visible to everyone. I personally have yet to remove any offending or just lame statements, but if there were something truly out there (off topic or adult I suppose) I would not hesitate. If I did I would consider emailing them before hand to explain, if you think its appropriate.

Culinary Fool said...

I think it's totally up to you and what you want from your blog. I believe if you really want to foster community it's better to leave them up and maybe address them or in some cases ignore them. People will get that. If people start noticing that you delete comments you don't like they will be less likely to comment.

On the restaurant review example - it would be unrealistic to believe that everyone loves the place. So if you get a negative comment you could just thank them for sharing and say that your experience has been totally different or something like that. Treat it as if you were having a discussion with them.

As for the acquaintance - either joke back with them in a comment or talk to them about the comment and how others (who don't know them) may not understand the context or whatever and then remove it if you feel you need to.

One of the reasons I'm wanting to move my blog is because it is so hard for people to comment - I'd be happy to have the disagreements - I'd know someone was reading and cared enough to take the time to respond!

sarah said...

i came across this as well, someone left a very mean comment on a review i wrote about a restaurant/bar...but i left it on there. i was sort of torn, because it wasn't negative about the review itself or tha place, he/she actually said something nasty ABOUT ME. kinda hurt my feelings, but i left it.

people leaving comments - even when they're negative means that they're reading your blog. :)

drbiggles said...

Hmm, so far I've let them all ride. I had one that was mean, not useful and short. I let that one ride too because they left their email address. Oddly enough, I feel better when someone stops by to offer up conflicting information. Lord knows I could use some polishing. What doesn't hurt my feelings too much, makes me stronger.


Jennifer Maiser said...

Good thoughts. I guess you are right that having comments at least means that you are being read. And the last thing I was it to turn into a site that moderates comments ... I guess I should be less controlling (grin).

Culinary Fool - I checked out your site, and am amazed that MSN requires a passport sign-up before commenting. That would frustrate me as well.

Owen said...

I've been really lucky - no spam and nothing very mean, so I just let them all flow in. The no spam is one reason I won't switch away from Haloscan - something is working right. (Of course it could mean that I am of so little interest that no one can even be bothered to spam me!

molly said...

I guess I think the point of having comments is to encourage discussion. I am ok with my review being reviewed, and I'k ok with name calling by friends since i figure their joking. I guess I would draw the line at spam and vulgarity (unless it was really funny).

Sylvie said...

It depends on the comment. If there is adult content, profanity or ethnically offensive statements, I would not hesitate to remove. I would not remove a comment just because someone disagrees with me.

Kate said...

I've deleted comments, but it's certainly not an everyday occurance.

I use a stated position to determine what gets deleted. Criticisms are fine. Attacks aren't, and neither is flame baiting. It seems to have woked pretty well.

Melissa said...

What about when someone leaves a link with a comment, a link that really doesn't relate to what I wrote about, or a link that is selling/advertising something.
Can you delete the link and leave the comment?

milsabores said...

This is the best place i could ever find! Thanks....I will come back soon with my questions...

Pam said...

I've removed comments, but it was an unusual situation where it was clear that severl of the commenters were unusually negative about something I had just raved about, and a home party type business, wine tasting, that several people I know are involved in. I let those comments stay though, until I got a few comments arguing the point, and then posting ads for their own wine tasting business. That struck me as unfair, so I just deleted them. But that so far, has been the only instance. I generally feel that the more comments the better, and healthy disagreement is usually a good thing!

Anonymous said...

Melissa, if the link is to the commenter's homepage, then I would be inclined to leave the link. However, if the link is merely selling or advertising, I'd delete the link and leave the comment as long as the comment seemed coherent and on-topic.

ejm said...

*sigh* that anonymous comment is from me. I didn't notice that the "anonymous" box was checked when I thought I had logged in. Sorry about that!


Rachael said...

I wonder the same thing Melissa does...
"What about when someone leaves a link with a comment, a link that really doesn't relate to what I wrote about, or a link that is selling/advertising something.
Can you delete the link and leave the comment?"

Does anyone know? Ive got some odd links put up on
site, and that I'm not keen on it, for a few reasons including cookies...

Bacon Press said...

When I started my blog, I had very mixed feelings about this subject. However, I decided not long after that my blog is there because of my work, my time, my hangovers, and my calling in sick to work.

Am I alone here?

And wait a second: isn't a blog a blog because it's all about me (or you)?? Community forum? What community! For the most part, a blog is a community of one, in which your friends and/or others can chime in and even link to, but ultimately it's all about...yes! You!

I mean, what are we? The Borg?

Besides, it's not often that one can feel like a totalitarian dictator, so I say, why waste the opportunity?

I'll never have kids or be the boss, and my cats just run over me rough-shod. Where else am I going to exact my cruel and severe rule? My blog! Where else!

For those of you who think I'm speaking tongue in cheek, don't be fooled!

Yesterday, I got this kind of "comment":

"Nice blog! Why don't you check mine out when you get a chance (insert foul link)."

I did, and it sucked. It wasn't food related and it was offensive to my delicate sensibilites, and as delicate as they may be, they are still mine, and damn it! it's my party and I can delete if I want to!

After I thought about it, I realized that this "person" (slug) just surfed blogger sites posting up these fake comments to passive-agressively link from my (and other's) site, like marching to the head of the parade or cutting in line. What's worse is he was doing it for ideological reasons, which if he was doing it just to turn a trick (make a buck), I could totally understand. But this was just underhanded and foul and smelled so strongly of Karl Rove's sweaty palms (this is a guestimate).

I gladly deleted the comment (and will do it again! mark my words!). In fact, gladly isn't the proper word. I gleefully deleted it.

My advice to bloggers: Get Medieval. Play God. Get Uppity. It's your damn house!


(PS, A sincere, honest, heartfelt thanks to the 99 percent of you who've shared your comments with me. Can you feel the love, yet?

How about now?

Can you feel me now?)

Kelli said...

This is a really good question. People can say whatever they want about me or my posts, but I tend to throw out any vulgar comments. I don't need profanity, sexual references, etc. on a dessert site (although I leave them on if it's smart or really funny, any site can use that!).

I have to disagree about blogs being "all about me." I want to write things that other people actually find interesting or helpful, so if they don't comment I'll never know how it's being recieved. I'd rather have a few obscure comments that promote discussion, than none at all.

Another question though-- what if a comment is filled with typos or incorrect links? Has anyone considered editing the comments? I usually leave them alone, but since I wish I could edit some comments I have posted on other sites, it could be a nice thing to do.

Elise said...

I figure my blog is like my living room. As I don't allow rude and insulting behavior in my own home, I don't allow it on any of my blogs, period. I remove URLs from comments that are blatantly commercial and have nothing to do with the blog topic. I also correct spelling and punctuation at times. Sometimes people leave comments that are upsetting to me. Early on I would fume for hours. Now I just delete the comment and get on with my day.

Culinary Fool said...

Hey, I just got one from someone suggesting I was over 50! Now that's insulting! :-)

I mean, it wouldn't be if I was but let's not rush it!

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