Friday, May 13, 2005

Linking to other sites

What do you consider the etiquette for adding sites to the list of links over to the side (Tasty sites/sites I visit/additional reading/daily reading/whatever, is there a more formal name for that?) of your own?

If you link to a site that way, do you go ahead and email the person and then expect (assuming its appropriate material) to be added to their list too? Some people's (Pim comes to mind) sites are such food blogging hubs they have an entire page dedicated to this (oh, and Kiplog too, of course), while some people just seem to have one or two links to sites that truly interest them. I love using those links to find new blogs, so sites that have a lot of links are always places I return to.

I find that if I somehow notice someone (food or otherwise) has my blog linked from theirs I will instantly add them to mine, even if I don’t think any of my readers will care about their site or not, I just figure its rude not too. I am also incredibly flattered when I do notice it, so it’s also just my way of saying thanks. Then again, sometimes I get requests to be added, and I normally do that too.

So, what is your feeling on the etiquette of these links? Do you think there should BE a standard etiquette? Can’t wait to hear your answers!

Thanks everyone! Rachael


McAuliflower said...

Ahhh recipro-linking... linking someone because they've linked to you. I think it's a nice concept, especially to help pages starting out. But on the other hand I don't like the implied "well I'm only going to link you if you link me". Some sites don't expect it, though I know of ones who insist on it, which leaves a funny taste in my mouth.

Currently I don't always email a person if I'm going to link their site. Sometimes I do just to give them nice fan mail.

I'm wondering about link etiquette too. I have links to sites that I've figured out just aren't my style and yet I feel guilty about removing them! Ah the plight of a good girl.

I want to shuffle around my link list to reflect my interests (like showing off your bookshelf, and have ones I want to shuffle out (like selling back books). I think its ok to do, it is your site after all. And yes, some might notice if you've removed their sites link. Just contemplate the function of your links: are they a library of blogs or simply bookmarks of your interests (which may change)?

cookie jill said...

If I really, really like their blog and visit all the time and link, I send them a nice little fan email.

(by the way, THANK YOU!....)

but generally if I stumble across something that is of interest to me that I find others might find interesting and have a similar feel, I will "blog roll them" without notifiying.

Since I recently got my blog up and rolling I haven't had time to email thanks for "inspring me" to several blogs. But...since the topic has come up, I better get my butt in gear....

I try to respond to most of the comments though....although it is timely with the several blogs I have going....

drbiggles said...

Early on I decided not to maintain a Food Blog Link page for 2 reasons. Well, probably more. First of all, I really don't have the time. I spend all my blog time taking pictures, writing and visiting places of interest (i.e. playing). I didn't want to get in to email exchanges about swapping links, I don't want to feel the pressure of maintaining the damned thing. Plus, between Kiplog, Appetites, In My Kitchen, Pim and many others, well there are so many places to get good places to visit. For me, I would just be duplicating an already gallant effort. Plus, if I find something of note I can post about it anyway.
I do have a separate Links page though, with places of interest and places where I do business.
I have considered exporting my Bookmarks to HTML and having those for download, if anyone is interested. THAT is easy to maintain. And it falls under the category of places Biggles goes, not a general list. Which, right there could cover my complaint about swapping links. Even so, it's too much and I can't deal with it.


Ellen said...

My "blogs I read" section is automatically maintained by Bloglines, which makes it easy. If I subscribe to a blog and put it in my "cooking" folder, it shows up automatically. I have had a few folks write and ask to be added. Some I said no to, because I wouldn't read theirs and others because they're not food heavy. Others I liked and added. (I do read other blogs that don't show up. I just categorize them differently in Bloglines.)

I've never notified people that I've linked to them and would never expect to be asked before someone links to me. The incoming link is the more valuable one in terms of search engines, the outgoing more vaulable to your readers I suppose, so why would someone say no?

Jennifer Maiser said...

Funny that this topic came up, as I just completely overhauled my list today (What can I say ... I was seriously procrastinating on a work project).

I don't know if I am a bad blogger or what, but I pretty much only put blogs up there that I *really* read and think are in line with some of the stuff that I post about.

I guess I haven't ever emailed to someone and said "I just added you to my links" because it makes it sound like you are expecting something back. And I have never responded to an email like that, personally.

In fact, there is only one person who I have ever spoken with about a link, and it's because she's pretty anonymous and me having the link on my page would "out" her.

If the blogger is someone who checks their stats (or checks Technorati, I believe), they will probably eventually realize that you have a link to their site and be pleasantly surprised.

the Kitchen Queens said...

Ha, to link or not to link....currently we have no links on our foodblog, because we just haven't decided how to fill up the list yet! As we are newcommers, we still have a blank are we going to link to the "obvious" bloggies found on almost every respectable foodblog or are we going for another approach: maybe a top ten from this month or a themed list that changes from time to time? Our favorite foodiereads are listed in our own computer favorites offcourse, but we feel we could do something different with our favorites-list provided on our foodblog.

And as netiquette goes: from previous experiences with some of our individual blogs, we found that frequently posting comments on other blogs is a better way to get noticed and linked. We're no fans of the "I linked you, will you link me" emails, although fanmail is always very nice to send (or recieve). Love, the KQ

Joy said...

I would love to link to others, but I can't seem to figure out how to do this. I'm always flattered when others link to me, I don't feel they need to ask permission.

Anyone know how I can modify my template in Blogger so that I can link to all you lovlies?

Lady Amalthea said...

I usually just link to blogs I find myself reading a lot. That doesn't mean that all the blogs on my favorites are on my link page, however. The link page ones have served me for inspiration, whatever. Something like that.

ejm said...
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ejm said...

(oops... I made a small error so removed my first reply)

I add blogs that particularly interest me. I never expect a reciprocal link but am pleased if people do decide to link to me. Like cookie Jill, I don't generally reply to emails asking for links but I do tend to respond to comments in my blog.

Joy, to add links to your blogger blog, go to the "template" section of your blog.
Scroll down through the template til you see something like this:

<h2 class="sidebar-title">Links</h2>
<li><a href="" title="learn more about the technicalities of blogging">Food Blog S'cool</a></li>
<li><a href="" title="Blogger Help">Edit-Me</a></li>

To add another link:

<li><a href="http://websiteaddress">brief description of website</a></li>

This may also be useful to you:
Blogger Help section - How do I edit my link list?
blogger Help section

ejm said...

I like to add titles to links as well so that there is slightly more description when people hover the cursor over the link:

<li><a href="http://websiteaddress" title="short description when link is hovered over">brief description of website</a></li>

Joy said...

Ooo...yay! I did it! Now I just have to take the time to add all the links I want...

paul said...

My situation is a little different, since I choose to list every food blog I find.

The "if you link to me, I'll link to you" email isn't very effective, and sometimes can sound a little forceful. But I love getting suggestions for blogs I haven't found. I use to respond to everyone, but I admit, I'm fairly lazy about doing it lately.

And this is the Web, no one should have to ask permission to link to someone else, so if you find a blog you like, show it off to everyone else, that's really what linking to others is all about.

The bigger question of when to remove a blog from your home page link list - you don't want to offend anyone, (you probably won't) but you should consider your list as a "here's who I found lately" list. That way you can make room for all the new ones popping up constantly.

Not to make this a huge post, but I do want to mention that I've been mulling over a set of rules for getting on my list, but I don't want to sound elitist. However I've decided only to link to English speaking blogs ( I need to draw a line somewhere), and I have to set up some etiquette to let the many commercial static sites pretending to be blogs know that I'm not going to consider them.

Culinary Fool said...

My links are actually not on the main page but are on a separate page, although I did this mostly for my own ease in maintaining them.

I've never felt like someone should link to me because I link to them and I mostly don't tell someone I'm linking to them, unless it's part of some other "conversation" we have.

If you are concerned about positioning the links (recommendations versus just a list) you can do some creative things with titles and can break your lists into subcategories. I have a "Daily" (which would imply that I really like them), Weekly (which could be because I think they are good but not top list OR because they don't actually update that often) and Occasionally (again not as high on my list or maybe rarely updates).

I've chosen to list only food blogs, even though I read others but that has helped me focus my lists a bit. Although I must admit that I don't maintain them as well as I should. :-(

Cate said...

In the beginning, I placed a few comments "love your blog and linked to it," but now I just put up the link. I only put up food blogs, since it mirrors what I do, and put them in alphabetical order. It also serves as a reminder to me on which ones I like to visit.

Neel said...

I think you are right, emailing the blogmaster is probably the most courteous was, but I have also had people ask within the comments section.

I am one of the pages "starting out" that Mcauliflower is referring to, I would love any help that I can get. Thanks!

Lex Culinaria said...

This discussion is very intersting to me as I am bewildered as to how some pretty new bloggers seem to get listed on heaps of other peoples blogs while I don't seem to get linked to that often. It seems pretty random. That said, the Canadian in me doesn't really allow me to do the whole "I've link to you, will you link to me thing..." so maybe that's part of it.
On the other hand, maybe my blog is just interesting to a few people, who knows.

I'm pretty random in how I link to others. I tend to list link to all the other food blogs I enjoy, (and therefore think others reading my blog would enjoy) whether I visit them once a month or once a day. And when I don't get a chance to update my lists, I can spend a fair bit of time assuming I've already got a favourite blog linked, when I haven't yet.