Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Disappearing Act

My blog template seems to have disappeared - regardless of how many times I refresh my template and empty my cache (as directed by the very impersonal "blogger help group" - I couldn't find an email address to contact them directly), the template seems to have vanished. I have a back-up so I'm not too worried, but I desperately want the template to show up. And now I'm starting to worry that all my posts will disappear. Can anyone help?

This Post was written by Celine from Black.Salt


Ilva said...

I have no solution for you, I took a look and I see what you mean even though it's difficult to judge without knowing what it looked like before. I found all the links etc at the bottom of the page, something that happened to be about a year ago but only when viewed with Explorer. It was some unnecessary html code that caused it. I can only suggest you to check out if some tag or something like that has disappeared. Good Luck!

annie said...

Did you add some new code to the template before this happened? If so, I would check that code...maybe remove it. Rework that code and try again.

Or, reinstall the backup would probably be the easiest approach.

Celine of Black.Salt said...

Thanks guys. I reinstalled my backup but the problem is still there. I know it's not the code because I have not fiddled with it at all. I think it could be that blogger is not recognizing the code - which is very puzzling. I think I might have to just switch a template. Thanks for your help though!

Mimi said...

Last fall I installed site meter and the next day my blog was gone. I knew it was really still out there, so somehow I managed to access the template and removed the meter. The blog reappeared.