Wednesday, September 12, 2007

[typepad] new posts not appearing on main page

For some unfathomable reason my main blog is no longer displaying new posts on the main page. I have added three since the 2nd and while they are linked in the 'recent post' list in the sidebar and show up everywhere else (individual pages, category archives, etc) they will not show on the front page.

I have done the following to try fixing it:
* verified there are no restriction on the categories published on the main page
* reset the above and republished, just in case
* tried featuring a new post, which should make it always the top post - it actually makes it disappear from sight although it is still there on the individual post page if you know the URL
* added posts
* removed the top post, and added it back when it made no difference
* republished the entire site 3x
* sent Typepad help desk mail and got a lame response (have you republished?) since I believe I told them I had in my help ticket... That was last night and if I get one non-helpful response a day, I will be here with a broken blog next month.

I haven't changed anything in the templates between the 2nd (last post that acts normal) and now. I can't think of much else to even try.

Does this ring a bell for anyone?
Got thoughts?
Want to laugh at my pain?


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kitchenmage said...

Resolved. Not sure how but somehow my main index template disappeared. Once the nice support person looked at the actual templates and noticed it was s missing, it was a quick fix.

Jennifer Maiser said...

Glad it was resolved! I have to say that one of the main reasons I love Typepad is for their support. It's always been quick and accurate for me ...

kitchenmage said...

Jennifer, To be fair, once I pointed out that a careful read of my original mail would have answered their first two messages, they got it. Maybe the moon was in a bad phase.