Thursday, September 13, 2007

Link to older posts

This might be a very stupid question. However.. I just realised that I don't have a link at the bottom of my page that says something like "older posts", where you can step back and forth between the posts. If someone wants to read older posts, they have to use the monthly archives. Is it possible to have both, and how do you add such a thing in Blogger? Does anyone know?

Anne's Food


ParisBreakfasts said...

Me too.
That's because we're on stinky OLD Blogger and were stick in the muds..well I was about switching.

SusanV said...

Anne, I did a lot of research on this because I really wanted to have Next and Previous links, too. If you are using a classic blogger template like I am, there's no easy solution. I found a couple of work arounds (hacks), but they were overly complicated and, according to comments, didn't consistently work.

So until I read a solution that says "This is it--it works and you won't have to add 1000 lines of code to your template," I'm just giving up on the idea.

If you can use a New Blogger template, I believe it's one of the options, widgets, or whatever.

Anne said...

Ah! Thanks you guys, I guess I'll follow Susan's lead and wait. Or just explore. Because yes indeedy, I have an old blogger template and I'm NOT keen on changing it. Then again, I *have* been thinking about a major redesign, so maybe, maybe, maybe. But probably not. :)

Trig said...

Go for the upgrade as soon as you can. I was very suspicious but it all worked fine and the new system is so much easier and more secure.

Anne said...

Oh, I *have* upgraded - I just don't want to use the new Blogger templates.