Saturday, September 15, 2007

Food Blog S'cool Calender.

The calender is appearing in German. Can someone put it into English please. I'm trying to post the latest Hay Hay Its Donna Day and can't seem to hit the correct button.
In the mean time here is the latest Hay Hay Its Donna Day

This Post was written by Barbara from winosandfoodies


Trig said...

Don't worry. Google is having a prolonged technical fit right now and has been for several days. They've updated Google Calendars and now they won't load in Firefox, won't wrap contents correctly in narrow sidebars and also locks up. And for the past 24 hours all sorts of Google instruction lines and comments have been appearing in German. There is absolutely tons of conversation taking place on Google Groups and elsewhere. Should result in correction of faults or mass resignation. Not sure which right now, but some of those whose websites depend heavily on Google Calendar being up to date (colleges, restaurants, etc) are making a lot of noise.

Kalyn said...

I did reset the language as English, but from what Trig said, it might not stay that way. We'll see. It does seem like the calendar doesn't look like it normally does.

Barbara said...

Thanks Trig and Kalyn. I've put the date in correctly but it doesn't show up in the right place.

Amy Sherman said...

I don't think this has anything to do with Google. The calendar app allows anyone to be an administer, it appears someone has maliciously made changes and erased past events.