Saturday, September 01, 2007

A Blog That May Be Copying Your Posts

(Note from Kalyn: I'm posting this for Karina from Karina's Kitchen - Recipes from a Gluten-Free Goddess. She has applied to join Food Blog School but can't post yet. Karina recently found a number of her posts copied entirely by the blog mentioned below. She also alerted a number of other food bloggers who also found that this blog had been blatantly copying their posts. Karina is sharing information about a site set up specifically to monitor this plagarising blog. Below is her notice about it.)

Hi Fellow Food Bloggers!

I thought it important to share this link:

Fish Creek House Watch

From the blog:

"Looks like Fish Creek House (INNside Innkeeping in Montana) is up to its old tricks again. It's amazing how many posts you find on the site where the content is virtually lifted, word for word, from other websites. Got any example of copyright or Creative Commons abuse? Send it along to"

The Fish Creek House/Innkeeping blog has been copying blog posts, baking tips, and recipes verbatim, along with food photos (many posts combine the text and photography of two or more blogs). They are posting these as their own work.

Over a dozen food bloggers found their recipes/posts/photos there this week. Many of those posts have now been removed. But many posts remain.

You would be wise to peruse the recipe and recipes/reflections archives at the Fish Creek House and INNside Innkeeping Blogs (I am not including the web link here because I don't want to help their search ranking; just Google them, you'll find them).

If you discover your work (or see the work of someone you know) send the link and alert the blog watch above.

Karina's Kitchen


Tana Butler said...

A reminder of this very useful website, Copyscape.

Kalyn said...

Tana, when I entered my url into copyscape I only found four results, despite the fact that I'm finding people copying my work almost daily. Would I have have to enter the permalink url of every post?

I remain convinced the best way to find these blogs who steal your content is by signing up google alerts on your own blog name, making sure every post has internal links to your own blog, and monitoring who links to you on Technorati. If other people have tricks that also work, I'd love to hear them.

If you haven't taken the time to look at Fish Creek Watch, you will be apalled at how many examples of blog plagarism have been found in only a few days.

David said...

It's funny because her site is plastered with logos of all the Christian blogs she's aligned with.

I guess she forgot the Ten Commandment that says "Thou shall not steal"

Karin said...

When I entered my blog URL, the results were from search engines and directories and legal use. Maybe the paid version of Copyscape is better. I don´t know.

However, Copyscape uses Google to find its results. So Copyscape can’t do anything that Google and Google Alerts can’t do already - for free.

If you enter Fish Creek Watch`s URL into Copyscape, you might find some interesting results.

"Thou shall not steal" .., Well, many people don´t see neither plagiarizing nor downloading music as theft, I´m sorry to say.

MizD said...

Wow. Someone please tell me the original authors of all those articles are being notified! (Stealing from Kathy Sierra and Steve Pavlina? The mind boggles.)

I checked Technorati and sad to say, the plagiarism is working for this blogger: she's got an "authority" of 856 and is even linked (several times over!) from Liz Strauss at Successful & Outstanding Blogging -- and Liz *knows* some of the people this thief has stolen from!

She's also got two other blogs -- I have to wonder how little of that content is original as well.

Rachael said...

There is a phone number on the site...

Kalyn said...

I see that Fish Creek House blog is now deleting posts that the Fish Creek House Watch has uncovered! I guess they don't like getting caught.

Elise said...

Apparently they're still doing it. This morning their post took a couple of paragraphs from a 11-year old girl's blog from Corte Madera. I emailed the girl's mother and she called the B&B directly. She told me that the B&B owner assured her it was the fault of their "editor" and that they would remove the text and it wouldn't happen again. Well, at least they did remove the 11-year old's words from their site. Sheesh.

Lillbet said...

First of all, my naive little heart is saddened and sickened by this stupid person being so ridiculously thoughtless. Second, I tried Copyscape for giggles and yes, Kalyn, I think you have to enter each permalink. Anyway, thanks for the head's up on this, Karina.

Daisy said...

It is NOT their "editor." Owners are Dan and Cindy (goes also by Cid and Cyd) Busarow, and their "editor" ALSO goes by GP Stone, DE Stone and is married to Dan and owns Fish Creek House! So...), and here is some lovely plagiarizing strictly under the names Cid Busarow and Cyd Busarow. Cid's post:
Cyd's post:
and finally the REAL author, Julie Crist: (from a magazine, copyrighted)

Mimi from French Kitchen said...

Thanks to someone out there - one of you perhaps - I learned today that this little creep lifted one of my posts. So here it is Friday night in Paris and what am I doing? Tracking this person down! (OK, it's rainy and cold.)

Apparently there are many many instances of her plagiarism and also several bloggers who are paying very close attention, including moi.

I e-mailed her today and within hours she made one of her most recent blogs private.

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