Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blogroll Software?

I was using Bloglines feeds for both of my blogs -- the lists would pull directly from my Bloglines blog roll so that I could add/delete blogs direct on Bloglines and the blog lists would pull from there (in different categories -- ie., photography, local food bloggers, general, etc).

I ended up having to yank the blog rolls because the feed from Bloglines was hanging up, causing my blogs to not load.

Any different options for blog roll maintenance that will publish to my blog? I'd like to keep the categories if possible, and hopefully maintain the list outside of my blog software. I liked Bloglines because I use it on a daily basis so it was a bonus that it would feed to my blogs.

The blogs are both Typepad. Thanks!

this post was written by jen maiser from life begins @ 30 / eat local challenge.

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