Saturday, October 04, 2008

Is there something beyond Technorati?

I used to find Technorati quite useful for checking out links to my blog, it was a good way of finding new blogs but also find the ones that scraped your content but nowadays Technorati seems to have gotten worse and worse, I get these flashing ads that tell me (n.b. every time) that I am the 1.000.000ieth person visiting and I have won a prize, not to talk about the badly updated blog reaction list. So now I wonder, is there some other site out there doing the same kind of job but better? I do use google alerts and they work well but I want a place where I can go and search myself. Does any one know something?

This Post was written by Ilva from Lucullian Delights


Dawn's Recipes / The Baby Blog said...

If you're using Wordpress, you can see it on the Dashboard. I'm not sure how it works in Blogger, but there may be something similar.

Also, you can set up a Google Alert at and type your url in the Search terms field. You'll get an email when someone links to your site, but there is a bit of a delay since Google must index that site first.

cybele said...

First, if you use the Firefox browser you can block annoying ads. (Hopefully this gets back to the ad people and they stop making the ones that are the most blocked.) I don't block all ads as I understand this is how websites stay in business, but I can guarantee I'm more likely to visit the site if I don't have a migraine.

Second - there are a couple of other tools that track referals but none quite as comprehensively as Technorati. (But go to their forums and complain, they're never going to get better if people don't tell them which parts of their service are useful.)

I use which does track referrers and even let's me get them via RSS. However, they're always a week behind. They also have a ranking system, but it must be pretty screwed up because I'm 1,084. (They don't profile all blogs, so there's a heck of a lot less spam on there, but then again, sometimes we want to know about republishing of our content.)

Google has a blogsearch option that lets you put in keywords or links for referrals. You can get that as a daily email.

You can also do google alerts for your own name or your blog's name. I find that I'm referred to but not linked to all the time.

Here are a previous discussion here about Technorati and how folks get around the flawed service:

Ilva said...

Thanks a lot! As I say in the post I already use Google Alerts and I do get a lot of info that way but I will try out the other suggestions as well! When I checked out Technorati after having posted this, it suddenly had updated all the links - so typical! sounds interesting so I am off to check that out.

Trig said...

I thought it was just me. I've been using Technorati for years, mostly just to check for links to my blog (both scrapers and other pests and the genuine links than I want to acknowledge). Something went wrong a month or so ago, when Technorati was offline for a while and came back with scrambled data. Since then it has begun to sort itself out, but I still see some links that claim to be 3,800 days old and other times I'm told there are no links to me at all. If I had to guess I'd suggest they had a catastrophe with their database and have been struggling to restore it without telling anyone.

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