Thursday, October 09, 2008

Content theft

This topic is a nightmare for all bloggers who are so protective about what they publish and who shouldn't be, right?

I don't check for content theft regularly, but now I think I should. When I searched for the websites that I have copied my content. I found that there was a recipe of mine copied and pasted on a forum (Taste of Home). Although I have commented there (after the long drawn signup - ugh!) and email the editors, etc I'm worried.

What are the actions you take when you've discovered something like this? Do those guys take such things seriously and take quick action? It would educational to know how you guys react to this.


This Post was written by Shaheen (Coco) from Ambrosia


Deborah said...

Although I would hope that people link back, I wouldn't get my knickers in a twist over a recipe of mine being posted in a forum. No one is trying to take credit or steal copyright in that arena, it is just a means to share it.

However if someone posted it in a blog or site form I would take action and request that it be removed. If they did not listen I would report it to the host.

Erika said...

I participate in a couple of forums specifically for the purpose of sharing recipes and interacting with fellow foodies.

I would consider a reply to the OP asking them to next time, please link back, but to me, they're simply sharing a recipe that they (hopefully) enjoyed. I think this falls in the same lines as sharing a recipe from a cookbook on your blog. If we start limiting what can and cannot be shared in one arena, we need to look at all.

Wandering Chopsticks said...

I disagree about it being OK to repost onto a forum. They could have easily linked to Shaheen's blog and said they liked her recipe so others could click over. Once a recipe gets cut and pasted, especially onto a forum where they remove the owner's information, that makes it much more easy for it to continue being stolen and republished without credit.

It's not just a matter of taking credit, it comes down to copying information that isn't theirs to begin with and passing it on. On that same note, I also do not think it is OK to post recipes from cookbooks or magazines on your blog. Again, that information is already copyrighted, you don't have permission to "share" it in that manner. If you adapted the recipe, and posted with your adaptations and pictures, that's acceptable. It is not acceptable to reprint a recipe, verbatim, from a cookbook under the guise of "sharing." And since my blog is copyrighted, I do not think it is not acceptable to copy and paste someone else's recipes and instructions onto a forum.

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Oops. Meant to say: And since my blog is copyrighted, I do not think it is acceptable to copy and paste someone else's recipes and instructions onto a forum.

Forgot to remove the double "nots."

Shaheen (Coco) said...

Thanks guys. Good to know the the different view points. It's horribly time consuming chasing those guys! I received an automated mail and now I've to look for more people to get in touch with. *sigh*

sketchy said...

I find it humorous that people are defending the need to ask people to take down recipes when the entire blogosphere went to the defense of a person who was asked by cooksillustrated to take down a recipe.

Recipes are not copyrighted.

plain and simple. They are a set of instructions and cannot be copyrighted.

So people are under no legality to take down a recipe if asked. It is good form to site a recipe if you repost it, but it is not required or enforceable.

Shaheen (Coco) said...

it's nit just a recipe but also some food pairings that I put together. And to see it on the forum was disheartening. If they really want to share it use a bookmarking too or link it. Don't just blatantly copy paste the entire thing.

Kristin said...

I think someone is just upset b/c they put hard work into it. BUT reality is, no one will really enforce it. you just have to do what you would like done to you and keep your integrity and tell people where you got your info.

and then stop wasting your time on worrying what others are doing to your work. stop being so scared and use that energy to write and create. you should be complimented that someone wishes to share your fACTS that you put together.

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