Tuesday, June 21, 2005

[Advertising] Typepad adds AdWords feature

Just thought y'all might think this is an interesting read. Typepad is adding the ability to have adwords (links to ads from keywords in your posts) on your blog -- and the money you earn goes against the cost of your subscriptions.

I am way too much of a control freak to put this on my blog, but thought it was an interesting development.

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drbiggles said...

Well, I took a hammer to Emeril's head. Looks as though I need to continue on my merry way. Great, paypal gets richer, advertisers get paid and I look like a tool.
I've got my hammer, I've got my cave and and if anyone wants to come by for a cool refreshing beverage, I'm here.
If Meathenge wants to sell you something, I'll let you know. But I don't want things flashing about without my say so.