Sunday, June 19, 2005

[general] Tips on changing URL

Any advice from more experienced bloggers on how to move a URL without losing visitors? I changed my URL this afternoon for ease of use but I don't want to leave people behind. So far I have:
  • Put up a redirect from the old site.
  • Emailed people who link to me asking them to change the URL in their links section.
I don't want to put anyone off by being annoyingly geeky. Any words of wisdom from experienced "movers"?


Jennifer Maiser said...

Jennifer, what software are you using? Blogger?

Jennifer said...

Yes, blogger. They made it really easy to make the move.

Melissa said...

Hi all!
Would anybody know if I might encounter any problems if I changed the title of my blog...or just tweaked the spelling, added an accent, you know? Would that change my 'foodporn' update or 'technorati' profile etc??

Sam said...

I don't think changing the title matters so much as the url. My blog actually used to be called "My Becks & Posh", so it is still listed that way on some sites unfortunately. Still, the links still work and they come to me so it doesn't really matter. It wouldn't affect food porn watch either but jennifer should remember to write to jarret and let him know about the change so we go to her new site from there instead of her old one

Melissa said...

Thank you, Sam!

Jennifer Maiser said...

Melissa, the reason I asked is because Typepad, for instance, retains your old links when you move pages (if I am understanding you correctly).

One thing I would suggest is leaving the old page up for a while, and keeping an eye on the statistics - making sure that the number of people looking at your old blog is going down ... if that makes any sense.

Hope this is *some* help.


Jennifer said...

Thanks Sam! I let him know, but with the round up and such he's been busy. I'm sure he'll get to it when he gets a chance.