Thursday, June 23, 2005

[Blogger] type face size change

some time today the size of the type I use for my main posts suddenly grew one notch bigger and I don't like it. I am pretty certain I didn't 'do' anything that should have caused it. Does anyone know where or how I can put it back to what it was previously?


Sam said...

hmm - come to think of it, it's changed on this site too. Maybe its a universal blogger thing? Any other blogger bloggers noticed similar behaviour?

Amy Sherman said...

What browser are you using? Is it possible you clicked on the "increase font size" button? I've done that in Safari by mistake before...

Sam said...

Unfortunately no - i tried that already.
I first noticed at work when i reloaded a page.

then later i came home and noticed the same thing happen just when i reloaded a page that i had up on my screen from this morning.

paul said...

Very strange, and no it's not just you.

For some reason your posts have a div element inserted into the "p" element at the beginning of each blog post. The div inserted is a "clearing div" used to make sure floating elements above it are "cleared" or won't try to float below it.

Anyway, floats are a whole 'nother subject - the reason why the fonts have changed here and on your blog is the div tag doesn't belong inside a p tag - it confuses the browser (not to mention breaking the rules of your "strict.dtd" doctype).

I'm not sure why blogger is putting in those divs, but you might want to look on you template to see where they are. As far as I can see, the <div style="clear:both;"></div> element is unnecessary in your html, but if it is needed for some wierd bug in another browser I didn't check it in, put it above your p tag that surrounds you blog post.

Good luck.

Sam said...

thank you Paul
I will try it when I have a clearer head.
I had a pint of Boddingtons at lunchtime which is more than I can strictly handle in the middle of a working day!

Sam said...

Paul - I tried several things including what you suggested to no avail.

I have found a work around for now by adjusting the typeface size on a post by post basis.

I will have another look at my template when I am in a more teccy mood. I have already wasted too much of this weekend trying things out.

thanks for the tips though

funkysmell said...

Don't know

sarah said...

yes, sam, i noticed that on your blog last week, and then over the weekend, it went from BIG FONT back to your normal size, but it was bold font lol!

i use blogger, too, though, and i don't think anything has happened with mine. did you per chance open up to post/work in blogger in firefox? sometimes i notice that when i go back and forth between IE and firefox to post, weird things happen to the code.

Sam said...

no - no firefox. just mozilla
but it has happened to all my blogs that were spawn from the becks & posh template
so it is probably something i did a long time that has changed in its relations to something external of the template within blogger recently.
what i mean is - i didn't change my templates, but the letters suddenly got bigger on all the posts.on all the blogs that were spawn of B&P including this one.
I tried several things, I have a clue to what it is - and i just need to work out how to change it.
In the meantime i can get aoround it with adding some htm into ach post to resize the font.

paul said...

According to my tests, moving that breaking div outside the paragraph tag solved the problem.

See my test at:

The first post is corrected, the rest aren't.

To get technical, nesting block elements inside inline elements (div's inside p's) is a no-no and in effect, closes the p tag, resulting in the 11px style never getting applied. blog-post text reverts to the default font size (applied by the browser in this case).

Sam said...

ok - but what i don't understand is why, if the change is in the template, aren't all the posts corrected?

I thought this was a global value that would update all the posts?

I will do some more tests later tonight.

thank you paul.

paul said...

I'm afraid I don't know enough about Blogger to know why the posts wouldn't be corrected.

There's a "republish entire blog" button somewhere. That should work. In Movable Type, it's called rebuilding.

sarah said...

just make sure you also REPUBLISH ENTIRE BLOG, after you save your template. and it will take a long time, since your blog is fairly big :)

Owen said...

Sam - I found the problem - they added a new setting in blogger to do with 'floats' under the formatting tab near the bottom is a checkbox about floats. That comes automatically checked and it kept adding white space to my blog because it put that div clear: stuff in - turn it off and everything goes back to normal...

Sam said...

Thanks owen - i am trying to find what you are suggesting but a little confused as I don't seem to have a check box or a formatting tab, or if I do, i am not sure what they look like. If you could be a little more specific bearing in mind i need everytthing spelled out like I am a complete novice I would be greatful
otherwise I am going to study your template later and try and find the solution.

have a fab vacation!


ejm said...

I have to say that I was really happy to see the font size get larger. I can finally read the page easily.... (yes, I need to get new glasses)

You might try putting a font-size spec into the body part of the style sheet. All of the other sections that have font-sizes will still use what is specified on each one. (I think)

The other thing you might consider is that IE users cannot resize the text if px is used. (Silly IE "developers") I believe that specifying font size with em will allow IE users to resize.

0.7em is roughly the same as 11px
0.8em is roughly the same as 12px

Hope that helps

ejm said...

A while back, I set up a blogger blog to find out how it works. I just took a look at the settings:

From the blogger dashboard, go to "Change Settings". Under the "Settings" heading, there is a banner with links to "Basic" "Publishing" "Formatting" etc. etc.

Go to "Formatting". Scroll down to "Enable float alignment" and choose "no". Republish the blog. (I hope that works!!)

Shira said...

I'm having a different problem. Haven't touched HTML, but within the same post my text size/spacing (it's hard to tell) changes. It also varies from post to post, with some appearing in the more condensed text and some with what looks like normal spacing.