Friday, June 10, 2005

[Blogger] go moBlog!

Fred just sent me this (he has my best interests at heart seeing as he bought me a very snazzy new phone for my borthday this week, bless)
Blogger has announced a moBlogging facility, woo hoo!

check all the info out here.


drbiggles said...

I hope it comes with a head set, this way everyone can just spew as they go and be recorded for all time. Real-time blogging is where it's at! Oh wait, we already have that. Mobile phones. Then lets put cams on our heads and walk around for real-time blogging. Oh wait, we already do that. Digital cameras.
Pretty soon you'll be able to get married, have a baby, run a blog, get published and meat John Travolta in just over 4 seconds. Oh wait, we already have that. Television.
I think Shuna has the right idea, Luddites are cool.


Sam said...

meat john travolta?
john tavolta is meat?

your brain is turning more and more vegetable by the minute Dr B! :)

drbiggles said...

Maybe so, but you can't lose if you can do it in just over 4 seconds. (my fingers type meat no matter what I do. It even shows up in our product literature (I work for a glue company). They don't mind, I made myself a decent kitchen in my office and make them some decent quickie breakfasts from time to time. 7 Egg In a Holes, ORDER UP BIGGLES !!!

Sam said...

7 Egg in a Holes?

Now - I want to see that for IMBB 16.

4rx said...

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