Friday, June 03, 2005

[Blogger] Please, Please can anyone help our Rachael

Rachael, one of our members from Fresh Approach Cooking down in LA is quite rightly in a tizzy. Can anyone help her? I don't know the answer to her question and as I am working this weekend so probably will not be able to look into it in time either. She wants to get it fixed so she can enter Paper Chef .
Please read her dilemma and help if you can. I am posting this on her behalf, as she can't log in to blogger.

[Rachel you could always ask nicely to Owen to see if he could post your entry if you can't fix it in time. I don't want to encourage that, because it is up to the hoster, but this time I think you have a pretty good excuse]

These words from Rachael...

My question is about Blogger Log In:

Three days ago Blogger suddenly stopped accepting my password. When I
click "Lost Password" to get my password re-sent, the link they email
me simply brings me back to the log in page (versus, a "reset your
password" page.) I have written to them eight times and every time get
an auto reply saying "try this". It's beyond aggrevating. I have
followed all of their "try this" ideas, (which, have really thrown me
into a tizzy, since they cancelled all of my other preset passwords)
including: Reset cookies, delete cache, turn off computer, log on from
another computer and turn off firewall. I am at a total loss and sad I
may miss Paper Chef! Can anyone help?

Thanks! Rachael


Owen said...

Rachael - for now I am happy to host your entry and then we can move it over when you get back in. Of course, I hope you DO get back in.

I would try doing a SHIFT-reload before you put the u/name and p/word in and then again AFTERward.

(Hold the shift key down while clicking the reload button on your browser bar - this forces the browser to go out to the site and fetch the site rather than using something it or the server has cached.)

kitchenmage said...


Have you tried this from more than one computer? If not, you really should start there. If it doesn't work, you know it's the site, not you.

If it does work, I'd start with creating a new user (in Windows, or however you create a new profile on a Mac these days) and see if that works.

If it works, you're narrowed it down to your profile and you can either keep looking or create a new one and copy the stuff you want to keep to it one thing at a time--and if it breaks again, you undo the *last* thing you did. (I usually start fresh, it's easier; if you decide to keep trying to fix it, start by searching the Registry and harddrives for "blogger"...if you use a Mac, i'm clueless)

If not, you need to kill/reinstall either a browser or an operating system.

(well yes, i did do tech support for a living, why do you ask? *grin*)

drbiggles said...

If you don't have another computer to try and the profile didn't work, you can try installing a different browser, such as Opera ( That'll keep ya busy for a bit. A solution is right around the corner, I can feel it.


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for the advice so far...(I swear, this is juju for even IMPLYING Blogger could go under -- see my last question...LOL)

Reloading didn’t work...
Tried from another computer, didn't work...
Interestingly, I tried to create a NEW account, (On the page cleverly called Create Account) and after putting in a username: GoingInsaneHere, with the password PityPlease, and the display name BitterPill (do we see a pattern?) after I then “I accept terms” then “Continue” and what popped up? My new archenemy “Sign In To Continue”


Thank you all SO much for the help so far…any other suggestions?


Owen, I will email my entry...thank you.
And Sam, thank YOU for posting my question!

sarah said...

rachael - are you still out of town? do you think it has anything to do with that?

sarah said...

also - can you email me with your email address? i don't see it anywhere on your profile...

Fatemeh Khatibloo-McClure said...

OK, you've probably already done this, but I'll put it out there anyway, because after nearly pulling my hair out after Craigslist changed their forum sign-in method, this was the ONLY thing that worked for me:

Even though you're set to "allow cookies", you might have to manually tell explorer that cookies from are ALL ok to accept.

Culinary Fool said...

Sometimes having pop-ups blocked also affects things unexpectedly.

Anonymous said...

Hi again,

e- that sounds like a good thing to try, how do I manually do that?

I finally got a non-auto-reply email from Blogger saying it IS something to do with cookies...

Again, a thousand thanks to you all,


Rachael said...

Fatemeh, you were right! I looked it up and figured it out, I HAD blocked all my cookies (wow that sounds, um, dirty)when I thought I had ALLOWED all cookies. Too funny it was that simple to fix. I am SO glad I had you all to turn to, thank you SO, SO much! If anyone ever has this happen to THEM, email me right away, I feel like I am an expert now!


Sam said...

Happy ending.
thank you Food Blog S'cool pupils.

Fatemeh Khatibloo-McClure said...

Yay -- I'm so glad it worked. I remember how much it sucked not being able to get to Craigslist-- I can't imagine not being table to get to Gastronomie!

sarah said...


glad you got it back in action, rachael!