Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Food Blog S'cool Admin - the blog roll, Accepting an Invite & You!

I have recently updated all invites and the Blog Roll.
There are several people on the Blog Roll who have not actually accepted their invitations despite being added to the blog roll. (Admin nightmare!)

As the roll is really reserved for people who actually go the full hog & sign up, I am going to remove the people on the blog roll who haven't actually accepted their invitations. If they still want to join up they will need to send another email to me at

I won't do this for several weeks, this is just a heads up to try and encourage everyone who showed interest and was sent an invite, to actually sign up. Remember: once you are signed up you can start your own threads too.

post any Qs regarding this in the comments rather than to me directly.

Mail any sign up requests to me directly with your email, your blog's name and your full blog url including http:// in the main body of your mail.

Thanks everyone, this makes the admin go faster.



drbiggles said...

Blog Roll? What's that? You wanna hang out and think about stuff? Consider the lillies? Or was I not supposed to find out?


Sam said...


Cate said...

I'm missing something ... should I have gotten an invite? Do I need to do something? Huh?

Sam said...

sweetnicks you are cool - you got the invite and you already signed up ages ago

Cate said...

Gotcha, thanks, Sam. End of the day/week and all that, brain gets a little fuzzy. ;)

the baker said...

hey sam,

i think the invite you sent to me the first time round had some errors. i clicked on the link but blogger came up with some error notice. i just sent u an email requesting for a new invitation. sorry for the inconvenience!

Joanna said...

Thanks for the invite, I hope I sent the stuff back okay - I'm a complete beginner at this, and need all the help I can get!


Clare Eats said...

Hi Sam,
on the blog roll you misspelt lex culinaria as lux culinaria :)

Heather Hughes said...

Hi Sam,
I tried to respond a while back but got a weird no reponse taken msg (or something like that) I haven't been active on the board because I'm on the road shooting a documentary and WiFi is hard to come by sometimes. OH - and I'm supposed to be working!
Heather of Viva Epicurea (currently shooting