Thursday, June 30, 2005

[Blogger] - Banner -> Home

Hidden in the Comments section of McCauliflower's recent thought-provoking post about Blog Branding was a question raised by Jen which I thought deserved its own post. She said:

"Please, if possible, make your banner work for you. Make it a link to your home page! It is so frustrating when I expect a banner to click back to a home page and it doesn't."

I am not sure about other software templates, but with blogger, the banner head works well as a home-returning device except when you are in an archive. Once in an archive, clicking on the head banner takes you nowhwere.

On my own website I was frustrated about this so I made my photo of me and Fred in the top right side column perform the function of taking me home from wherever. Trouble is, I guess I haven't made it clear to all my readers. I don't want to spoil the picture by adding the word home. Maybe I need to come up with another solution.

Anyway - anyone have an better ideas, or know how to fix blogger so that this annoying problem doesn't happen when in the archives?


Clare Eats said...

There can be another problem too, My title is an image not text so you cant make that a link in the title. You have to make a new blank image that can have an anchor tag??? But there is a link in the bottom LH cornere still... very weird

Owen said...

It has been so long that I hav absolutely no memory of what I did, but although I do not host at blogspot, my blog is indeed a blogger blog and all my banners do indeed go home.

I believe the appropriate piece in your blog Sam is:
!-- Blog Header --

anything in the header div can be any old HTML code you want so just put a link URL to your home page around the words Becks & Posh.

William Conway said...

At NTSC, I've remedied the banner from archive problem. Here's a copy of my header code:

{div id="header"}

{h1 id="blog-title"}
{ArchivePage}{a href="{$BlogURL$}"}

{ItemPage}{a href="{$BlogURL$}"}





In this case, there are two separate sets of link tags. One works only on individual post pages, the other works only on archives. Blogger has a tag for {MainorArchivePage} but not for {ItemorArchivePage}, so you have to go through this hurdle to make your banner link home.

I use a modification of the Minima Black template in blogger. I had to monkey with the borders and margins for the "header" style in order to make the banner image look right.