Friday, April 06, 2007

Guest Blogger Poll

Have you used a guest blogger to fill in for you on your food blog?

Written by McAuliflower from Brownie Points Blog


Anna Haight said...

Well, I've had a couple friends volunteer, but no copy yet...

cybele said...


All 800 post are my own. Two years and no vacations. (I either write on vacation or "pre-write".)

I was told by Google News that I was not eligible to be considered a news source because my blog has only one writer.

Squishy said...

My Dave has written a post on my site. We started not long ago. We call it, The Other Side of Our Kitchen. It is nice to have a second opinion on my site.

Anne said...

Yes, I've had a friend post a few times! :)

Alanna said...

A year+ ago, I invited a brand-new blogger to do a guest post. That 'new blogger'? SusanV from the Fatfree Vegan Kitchen!

And I have a friend who does St. Louis restaurant reviews.

Simply Recipes invited Eggbeater to do a post on (meringues, I think?) within last couple of weeks.

Zinfully Delicious has one today on a Passover Dish.

Kalyn said...

My brother Rand (who does the design stuff on Kalyn's Kitchen) realized how hard food blogging is when he did Gadget Bloggers Don't Have to Garnish for me. He's done a couple more recipes since then too. It was fun having him do it, especially since he's a great cook and a very good photographer. I do think I'd be nervous about letting very many people do it.

I missed Susan V on Alanna's blog, but I enjoyed the post by Shuna on Simply Recipes, so I think it can be fun when you know the person is a good writer.

Derrick said...

I've thought about it. But in the end I'm too controlling. :)

Maybe someday.

McAuliflower said...

I've never had a guest blogger on the site.

I'm seeing this pop up more frequently on food blogs and I'm still undecided on whether I like the change of tone it causes in a blog.

I'm realizing I visit a blog for a particular flavor and tone -one that usually isn't shared by the guest author.

Sam said...

I invited my 2005 menu for hope winners to guest blog their prizes. Two out of the 3 prizewinners took me up on the offer. The first, Shelly, now has a food blog of her own and is a member of FBS too.

The other winner wonr some recipe books and he blogged his experience of making fish and chips from The French Laundry Cookbook that he won. It was nice because he was schooled in Britain and so he knew a bit about being English (though he isn't) and he chose an English-inspired recipe to try and keep in the spirit of my blog.

These were one offs though and I edited them before posting. I wouldn't dream of trusting anyone to take over my blog in my absence. Blogs need vacations too!

Cate said...

I've had someone guest blog once or twice when we've been away. When I was in the hospital last February, The Husband, The Neighbor and even my mom took over for a smidge (and actually had fun with it!). ;)

Anita said...

When we were kitchen-less, keeping up with Drink of the Week became a chore, so we had three friends fill in. We got about a 50% follow-through rate, of people who said they would write to those who actually did. All three of the folks who did write wrote very well, and they even took good pictures! :)

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