Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I got no less than 5 comments from a blogger called 'Mr' last night. That's not a bad thing, obviously, as I love comments. But it's a bit different, as all five comments are identical:

"I think u got a great blog!! Thank u for that. I'm definitely going to add u to my favorite :) I hope you can visit mine. It's about Copycat Recipes.
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I thought it's spam, but there seems to be a genuine person behind the blog, who replies to the comments that some people have left him after he commented on their site. It might be just his peculiar way to promote his blog, as he only began few months ago. I maybe wouldn't mind if the person left just one comment, but 5?!? During 10 hours?

What would you do? Simply delete the comments? Email to the named blogger and ask him not to do so (there's no email given though)? What if he continues to do it (he already left that comment a few days ago)?

This Post was written by Pille from Nami-nami


Sam said...

He's either really really smart or really really stupid. Either way I just delete him when ever he visits me and leaves a comment.

Andrew said...

delete Pille, delete.

I have something similar. Once a month or so some guy leaves a comment - sometimes related to the post. The comment though is huge, a complete essay taken from his own site.

Another one to file away in how not to promote your site

Pille said...

Thanks, Sam & Andrew.
I'll just delete the comments then. I cannot see how leaving 5 identical comments to 5 different posts on the same blog within 10 minutes can be an act of smartness. Did he think I won't notice that they're all the same?? Oh well..

Cate said...

Yeah, he hit me last week too. Delete. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, he had a busy week. I deleted him too.

-rachael, fresh approach

Kalyn said...

Me too. I also noticed the same comment but with a different signature. I've pretty much developed a "zero-tolerance" policy for this type of junk comment.

BTW, if anyone else on Blogger doesn't realize this, Alanna recently taught me that if you choose the little box that says "delete forever" when you delete the comment it removes the comment with no trace. I used to hate when it said "this comment removed by blog administrator." Duh, possibly everyone but me had already figured that out, but I appreciate Alanna telling me how to do it.

Alanna said...

Delete. I got the exact same message. About 10 times. And I've taken to deleting another blogger's comments too, always the same comment, one a day or more, plus a hyperlink to "visit my healthy blog". DELETE.

Cybele said...

I let them leave one if it seems at least passably relevant.

After that, they get deleted. If they persist, then go on my "banned" filters (so I don't have to trouble myself over it again).

I suppose if they wanted to know why they couldn't comment any longer they could email me, but strangely they never do ... must be because they know that's not the way to behave.

Barbara said...

Ah, yes--that twit got me last week, too. And, I not only deleted him, but I slipped his comments to the spam filter, and it now automagically deletes his crap.

I have no patience for that sort of thing.

Trig said...

A suggestion. Someone come up with a way for FBS members to register persistent offenders who do this, allowing everyone to add themselves into a count of the number of members affected. Then when we see the number exceed an agreed threshold we all post a standard comment back to the offender's site linking to our own blogs. That way they will be flooded with unwanted comments and have to spend a load of time removing them. Just a thought.

Squishy said...

Delete Delete Delete

thepassionatecook said...

i often get comments where people leave a nice note, then move on to shamelessly promote themselves.
i tend to edit the comnent so i keep the compliments, but delete any references to their sites...

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