Thursday, May 17, 2007

Gourmet Institute Anyone?

I'm wondering if anyone else is planning to go to the Gourmet Institute weekend in October? I have signed up, and I am hoping to meet up with some other food bloggers there. I am a little bit ashamed to admit that I'm not actually taking the seminar about food blogging - but it conflicted with Masaharu Morimoto's cooking demonstration! I also signed up for a seminar on aroma with Grant Achatz, a photography clinic with Romulo Yanes, and a discussion with Ruth Reichl and Drew Nieporent on reviewing restaurants.

The weekend includes a fancy cocktail reception on Friday night (Oct. 19) 8 classes/seminars on Saturday and Sunday, and a four course dinner Saturday night with a choice of Aureole, the Grill Room at the Four Seasons or Le Bernardin. (I chose Le Bernardin.) Lunch and breakfast are also provided at a nearby hotel. The total coast is $1395. which is a lot, but I figure my husband goes on his ski trips and Vegas weekends, so I can swing this - especially if I go by myself. I'm looking into a nearby studio apt rental to cut the lodging costs a bit.

If your interest is piqued you can learn more and review the class schedule here. Hope to see you there!

This Post was written by Alice from Alice Q. Foodie


Becks & Posh said...

I think Jeanne from World on a Plate went last year. I believe she won a place in a Gourmet competition. Maybe she wrote something about it on her blog?

You do make it sound extremely tempting.

Alice Q said...

Hi Sam - I did read a couple of reviews from bloggers who went last year, and I was glad I had signed up for the classes I chose because they gave them good reviews, particularly the photography one and the discussion between Eric Ripert and Tony Bourdain. I also read that the Morimoto discussion was good. I'm a big Ruth Reichl fan, so I am looking forward to meeting her, and I've been dying to go to NYC for a while, so this seemed like a good chance. You should come - it will be a blast!

Alice Q said...

Oops, meant to say Morimoto demo, not discussion. He cooks and there are samples. I also signed up for a cheese tasting, and a session in the Gourmet kitchens on how they develop recipes. I like Zanne Early Stewart, I have been reading her bits in Gourmet for years.

jeanne bee said...

I'm such a bad attendee. I never posted about my experience. My real life probably got in the way. That or I was totally overwhelmed by the experience.

Sorry excuse...that being said here's a quick take for the record. FWIW, I ran into to no food bloggers at last year's event--would be curious to know who you read. And I work a room it's in my professional background to do so.

I would say that the event was totally a wild and indulgent foodie experience. Particpate in anything that gives you a look-see into the pub--Roumulo and David Grimes are superstars. The look inside the test kitchens is worth it's weight in gold--they are meticulous. Also the Morimoto one and Bourdain sessions generated high buzz. Michel Richard is fun, playful and just sexy about food--loved his session, he commands a room much like he does a plate. And Dan Barber is a rock star. Local foods on the East Coast without regret and remorse paired with legendary Alfred Portale.

There are many stories I could share but I'll keep it short. Skip the breakfast & lunch and make your own reservations somewhere if you can--you're in NYC--and they given you enough time to cab somewhere and have a relaxed meal.

Dinner Sat is a great fun outing. Work the cocktail party on Friday. I met a lot of people that night(and also sufficently made a fool of moi to Alex Prudhomme but it turned out ok) it's a star studded event.

And this event will give you a new POV on West Coast vs. East Coast food philosophies.

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