Wednesday, May 09, 2007

[WordPress] Upgrading from 2.0x to 2.1/2.2

I've been putting this off for several months since hearing about some of the calamities bloggers experienced when upgrading to 2.1, but now that 2.2 is coming I think it's probably time to upgrade. I've upgraded the rest of our blogs, but I'm dreading doing the food blog since it's the largest and has the most categories.

I remember a post back in January in which some of us discussed the messes that occurred during upgrades, and I was wondering if anyone else had recently attempted or reattempted and how it went.

This Post was written by ANDREA from ANDREA'S RECIPES.


MizD said...

Hi Andrea,
I recently upgraded to 2.1.3 on Belly Timber and on another WP site I run and the only annoying glitch I ran into was with the change in how WP handles pages. If you have a Recent Posts plugin and it's not specifically for WP 2.1 or above, it'll list pages along with posts. Here's a discussion of how pages are different in WP 2.1 -- this should help if you want to tweak the plugin code to make it work. Other than that, it's all been a question of which plugins still work and which don't. So far, I've only run into a few that are dead in the water, and they aren't that important to me so I'm okay with it. I had no problem at all with archives, categories, etc, btw.

Andrea said...

Thanks for the tip on the Pages issues. I do have a Recent Posts plugin, so I'll have to check and make sure it works with the latest WP version. Apparently 2.2 is scheduled for release sometime soon, so I'll probably do all of this then.

janet said...

I had no problems upgrading from 2.0 to 2.1, but maybe that was because my webhost ( is set up for WP. Also, I didn't have any plugins running at the time of the upgrade. I have added plugins since then, and they seem to be fine

Cameron said...

If you're thinking about upgrading to 2.1/2.2, you should be aware that the behavior of the text editor has changed...and not for the better in my opinion.

We've always been irritated by how the WordPress WYSIWYG editor will arbitrarily change HTML tags, especially the paragraph and break tags. The 2.1.x versions takes this to new heights. Clicking on the new "Code" tab doesn't display any paragraph or break tags, so you can't manually fix problems. Deeply, deeply frustrating.

nika said...

Cameron: I agree - that specific problem has wasted so much of my time recently. I even try to go into my profile, switch off the visual editor and then do the coding.. I cant remember right now if that fixed the problem permanently (as in, I cant remember is the vis editor messed it up again later) or if I gave up.