Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I was wondering if anyone had also recieved this and or tried this.
this is lifted from an email I got today. Just checking with those in the know!!

We here at Lijit Networks have developed what we like to call a Lijit Search Wijit which is basically a kind of vertical search that revolves around a person, their online content and their network.

Our wijit (a creative reworking of the widget) will allow your readers to not only search your blog but also your or magnolia bookmarks, anything that presents itself as an RSS feed (flickr, youtube, etc.) or other sources that you have marked as trusted, like your blogroll.

This Post was written by Heather from Eating For One.


AS said...

Thats scary.

Alice Q said...

I got this email, but I coudln't think of any earthly reason why I'd want to use it, so I just ignored it.

tarable said...

I thought I would respond since I'm the one who is doing the outreach to the food bloggers.

To as...Lijit only searches the content that you provide, so it's not like we're lurking in your computer making your private information accessible to anyone. If you simply want to search your blog, you can do that or you can extend it outwards to include other online applications, like Flickr or your public bookmarks.

To alice q...there are a lot of food bloggers who don't have any sort of search tool and our wijit provides a valuable service to those sites. We make you (and your network) a source of information so that your readers can get search results from someone they trust as opposed to a very generalized Google search.
You can see that there have been a few cooking blogs that have taken the time to try us out. If anyone has any questions or issues, I welcome all comments and am eager to discuss the value of Lijit further.

Anne said...

I have one-I like the way it works-feel free to stop by and type a search term into mine. A new page pops up and shows all resu;ts on just my blog for the term you typed. Oh yeah, highlighted too so you don't have to search after you searched!