Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Word Press

I participate in a blog that uses Word Press and I'm appalled at how slowly it performs when creating and editing entries. Is this typical of Word Press?

This Post was written by Kevin from Seriously Good


Matt said...

I'd say it's more indicative of the speed of the server that it's hosted on, or perhaps the number and type of plugins that are loaded into it, that would be having an affect on speed.

I use wordpess on a number of different sites, and in many different configurations and find it both fast and reliable.

But then I guess it all depends on what you're comparing it to ?

Anita said...

What Matt said. :)

If you're using a WP-hosted system, then it'd going to be slow. (Still, it's often faster than Blogger!) But we've got the WP engine running on our own servers, and it's quite peppy.

Dr. Biggles said...

Yeah, somethin' ain't right. I done it and it's plenty fast.

That being said, I'd rather use Edlin to edit my blog.


Kevin said...

"That being said, I'd rather use Edlin to edit my blog."

I hadn't even noticed you had a brain tumor. Have the doctors told you how long you have? We're all going to miss you when the last of your reasoning ability rots away.

Matt said...

Edlin eh... sounds like you might appreciate this then:


Commodore 64 and Dos themes for your Wordpress site...

Keepin it old school.

kiplog said...

If it's slow creating and editing entries, then it's the server. Sometimes servers have throttle controls that can be tweaked. I use Movable Type for one blog, and it's go-make-a-cup-of-coffee-slow for entry rebuilding.

Wordpress can sometimes be slow when drawing pages, usually caused by database issues. Advanced tweaks can be found in wordpress forums.

Owen said...

Kevin - tell whoever runs the site (you may have high enough access to do it yourself) to install the wp-cache plugin (check first it is often there already just not activated) and then activate it. That'll help.

Also does depend on the plugins and add-ons - some are just slow...

Matt said...

I'm not sure the wp-cache plugin will do anything for this problem, as Kevin indicated he was having issues when editing and creating posts. The caching only helps other dynamic pages that don't change often on the blog side, not the admin side.

Depending on the version of wordpress, ie: pre 2.0, it might be taking a long time to send pingback to notification services on publishing... as well as any number of other network or plugin issues.

Scott at Real Epicurean said...

I run wordpress, but can't make a comparison as I've not used anything else!

A lot depends upon the server speed and the amount of services 'pinged' when writing a new post.