Monday, June 25, 2007

Hosting/Traffic Question

I have two food sites, one with my domain name pointed to a Blogger site and the other domain mapped to a Typepad site. Is there any drawback, with regard to traffic or page ranking, to do it this way, as opposed to hosting the site elsewhere?

This Post was written by Bill from Tea Guy Speaks.


John Newman said...

I've got a couple of blogs that I use domain forwarding on. The only reason I do it, though, is because it makes it easier to remember, and easier to spell, if you leave off the or the off. That makes it easier to market to humans.

Whenever you ask people to set up links, or when you register with a search engine, use the whole thing. Search Engines seem to have a tough time properly indexing forwarded domains.

You can attempt to fix that problem if you use domain masking, but in my opinion that's just evil. It confuses people when the click away from you site and find that the address in the web browser hasn't changed. They're still at your site as far as they can tell.

Trust me on this. It's the voice of experience talkin' here. : )

Madeline said...

I completely agree with John. I use my non-blogspot address to market my blog when talking about it to people, but whenever I register for anything or leave comments on other blogs, I use the blogspot one. That way all your links (which help your search engine ranking) are pointing to one address.