Thursday, June 07, 2007

Restaurants v. Bloggers Article

Hey all, I rarely write in but thought this was a fun piece. The more publicity food bloggers get the better!

Check out this article at

TGIAF (thank god it's almost Friday)!!!

This Post was written by Mona of Mona's Apple.


Delilah Hinman said...

That was a good read, Mona. Thanks! As a food blogger myself, I post only my opinion of a restaurant (though not very often). I usually just highlight what I enjoyed; if my readers like the recipes I post on my blog then maybe they might like the same dishes at a certain restaurant. Regardless, it's up to them to decide whether my review is valid or not. They are always free to leave their own comments about my opinion and state their own opinion as well. Food blogs matter because the bloggers are the ones who eat at these restaurants. Everyone has their own opinion that's what the Internet is for.

Restaurant Mom said...

Monica, thanks for posting. It's interesting how volatile this topic is - I think it makes it more fair to get a lot of opinions of how good a restaurant is instead of just one from the "official" print reviewer.