Monday, June 04, 2007


I'm having a nightmare with tables. I'm trying to put one into this post, but above the table there seems to be an enormous blank space that I can't get rid of.

Additionally, when I view it in IE there seems to be text wrapping on, especially in the notes column. Can anyone please help??

From Anthony from Silverbrow on Food


Silverbrow said...

So having played around, I've now been able to use Google spreadsheets to do more or less what I wanted. Although, I can't get the table centred - anyone got any good dieas how I can do that?


Andrew said...

have you tried wrapping the whole div (the one with the iframe) within a < center > < / center> tag?

McAuliflower said...

while they work now- aren't center tags depreciated?

trying to remember- does a span class work on tables? If so, center that way.

Trig said...

Antony - there are loads of posts out there on table use and I think this one is pretty good. If it's any comfort I've had hours of problems myself with tables. The problem is that they are supposed to be withdrawn at some stage so different browsers render them differently.

One thing I can definitely help with is blank space. This results from breaks in your html code - any line break in the middle of your table (eg between </td> and <td>) will appear as black space above or below the table - not where you put the return. So paste out all "^p" occurences to remove the breaks.

anthony fun said...