Monday, June 11, 2007

how to link pics?

hello all.
i am sorry to bother you with a total rookie question: but how do i link a picture with a web-adress / post /.... like - the picture of my browniebabe event & when i click on it i am automatically linked to the page where i find all the info about the event? or a picture of a book and when i click - it directs me to amazon where i can buy it?
i use new version of blogger - and i still have no clue how to do this. anybody out there who can explain so even i understand? - thank you truckloads!

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Joanna said...

You'll need to know the URL of the picture and the URL of the site to link to (the page with the info about the event)

When you're writing a blog in Blogger, you're probably in Compose mode. Switch to the "Edit HTML" tab.
Include this code, replacing the [ with <, ] with > and appropriate URL's:

[a href = "PAGE URL"][img src = "PICTURE URL" /][/a]

That's all!

Joanna said...

To add: to do this in your sidebar (what I am assuming you want to do, now that I look at your blog), go to the Page Template section, add an HTML widget and use this code, again replacing the [ and ] with < and > :

[a href = ""][img src = "" /][/a]

myriam said...

hi joanna.
thanks so much for your reply. will try this very soon (but i knew there was some compter-geek stuff i needed to know - thanks for helping out!)

Alanna said...

In Blogger it's even easier. In compose mode, just select the photo, then click the link tab and add the URL you want to link to.

If you want, you can copy this same code to the sidebar.