Saturday, August 23, 2008

Favicon Help

Does anyone have experience with favicons? I figured out how to make one, but am having the darnedest time getting it to appear. My site uses WordPress, and I uploaded the .ico file to what I think is the right place in my control panel, but after putting the code in what I think is the right place on the WP template, it's still not showing up. Before I start banging my head against the wall, thought I'd see if any of you guys know how to make it work. Thanks in advance. :)

Cate from Sweetnicks.


Janet said...

You're probably doing it right. I have one with WordPress (on my own domain), but it took it a while to start showing up due to caching (I think). On the other hand, I don't recall having to do anything but put it in the right folder on my web host, no control panel or template involved.

DawnsRecipes said...

Like Janet said, it may just take a while to show up. That happened with me. Also, make sure your browser is set to display favicons. For example, you should see the blogger logo right now. You want to put the code in the header section, just before the header tag closes.

Andrew said...

I think you have the link wrong. It should be href="../favicon.ico" but I only got mine to show when i used the full url.

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Yukiko said...

If you're hosting your own domain all you need to do is upload the .ico file to the root directory of your domain. If you have done this and you still don't see it, try clearing your browser cache and visit your domain again.

I use Wordpress to host at my own domain and did not have to do anything to my WP template. In fact I had my favicon at my site long before I started using WP. When I switched to WP and removed all the other files from my site directory, (leaving the favicon, of course) the favicon remains and continues to appear.

Hope this helps.


ejm said...

Excuse me for replying to this so late.

Yukiko is correct, of course, but if you want to put the coding for the favicon into the header, it won't hurt.

Also, it means you can use a different icon for your wordpress, if you want. Because the developers of IE are children of the universe, you have to use two different lines of code to ensure that the icon shows up in IE. Here is the coding if your icon file is located in a folder entitled "images" in your root folder:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="/images/favicon.ico" />
<link rel="icon" type="image/x-icon" href="/images/favicon.ico" />

Note the leading slash before "images". This will instruct the browser to look for the icon at

Cate, if you uploaded the icon (make sure it's uploaded in binary if you are using ftp) to your wordpress folder, then the location would be


(or whatever you named your icon file)

Hope that made sense!