Monday, August 18, 2008

Question on Blog Top Sites

So one day last week, my little blue button for Blog Top Sites started blinking "update html." I log in and can't find html code anywhere on their site. Send them query e-mail, still waiting for response. Log back in and poke around some more and find html code. Updated to new code. Ever since then, it doesn't register me anywhere on the list at all, and button still blinking (very bottom of my site). I went back and replaced the old code. Same thing, blinking, not registering me on list anymore.

So my questions ... 1) Anyone else having this problem? 2) Am I missing something? and 3) If I can't fix it (and they're still not responding), do you find you get any traffic from having it? I've had it for the 3-1/2 years I've had my site, but use it more for seeing where I am on the list, and don't think I've noticed any real traffic from it. Wonder if I should just nix it since it's not behaving.


This post was written by Cate from Sweetnicks.


Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

In total frustration, I ended up removing old code, re-registering my blog, and installing new code. Couldn't figure out any other way to do it.

Kalyn said...

I updated my code (although it was kind of hard to find the new code, and I can't even remember where I found it.) It took a few days to get the data caught up, but it seems to be working now.

I do get a little traffic from it, but not much.

jasmine said...

Interesting. I haven't had the blinky thing happen and the whozzit is working fine.

I noticed my ranking go waaaay up this week. I checked the site and they seemed to have dropped many, many blogs from the ranking...


Anne said...

I updated the settings for my blog, which gave me a new html code. However, it doesn't go the ranking anymore.. oh, I don't know, I find the whole thing quite annoying.

Cate said...

Thanks for the help ... it is rather frustrating, isn't it?! I deleted the code and reregistered all over again and installed new code. Appears to be working ok for now ... knock wood.

Biggie said...

Kalyn, I don't see a lot of direct traffic from it, but I think that some writers (press and bloggers) look to it to get a sense of which blogs are popular. I've had some write-ups that were pretty obviously sourced from the Blog Top Sites' top 10 list.

Farmgirl Susan said...

I, too, have had the little
Blog Top Sites ranking button on my blog since I started blogging in 2005, but I got so frustrated the other day trying to get new code I've pretty much given up.

No reply yet to my email to them (used their 'contact us' links).

When you click on 'forgot my password' you just get put on the homepage.

The log in info I do have that is correct for our other site, A Year In Bread, won't work.

I, too, tried re-registering, but after going through the whole process it told me my URL was already registered. Duh! : )

Glad you and Lydia were somehow able to re-register.

I don't know how much traffic I get from it (though I do think there were a couple thousand 'out' hits on my listing), but I found it handy being able to check the rank on days when my blog traffic is down - if the number is about the same, it's an easy way to let me know it's a slow day for everybody and not just me. ; )

Oh, I just had a thought re-reading your comment. Maybe if I delete the code first it won't have my url registered anymore. Did you remove the code from your template before re-registering? Worth a try I suppose, but at this point the whole thing has moved way down my priority list.

Cate said...

Susan, yes, I deleted the code first then reregistered the site. I didn't think it was going to work at first, but it worked right away, surprisingly enough, which is a good thing since they never got back to me.

Farmgirl Susan said...

Thanks! I just might try that - someday, LOL. ; )

Mimi from French Kitchen said...

I tried everything, including reregistering, but nothing really worked so to heck with it.

They really messed in up, IMO.

Alysha said...

I think there is some confusion regarding blogtopsites. Here is what I THINK is going on.

The site that we USED to be ranked on was blogtopsites. That site merged with Blog Flux and is now located at

But, it looks like someone has snagged the domain and has launched another one - thus the need to re-register. All of our old registrations traveled over to Blog Flux.

What tipped me off was that my blog was suddenly ranking as #20 at blogstopsites whereas it had been bouncing between 100 and 130 or so, depending on how much I post (not much lately).

I saw that Joe (Culinary in the Country) had a different looking button - not all blue, but orange and blue and it says "bftopsites", not "blogtopsites". When I clicked on this button and went to the BlogFlux site, I was still registered and when I added the code, my ranking went back to its usual number.

Clear as mud? ;) :)

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