Friday, August 01, 2008

Twitter Updates

Hi All,

I thought it would be interesting to see what people are thinking about twitter these days.
If you'd like to share your twitter name that would be great.

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Amy Sherman said...

I'm addicted to Twitter! Though it may be zapping my will to blog. It's wonderfully instantaneous, entertaining, informative and conversational. I have become more picky lately and stopped following some people for various reasons.

Sam said...

I love it too.
#1 I can see what my family are up to in other parts of the world.
#2 I have used to get to know some of my work colleagues better.
#3 Spying on my friends.

Unlike Amy - I am less keen on using it as a conversation tool. To me, it's beauty lies in voyeurism and rhetoric.

I also like that you can send your twitter updates directly to your facebook page.

Nate-n-Annie said...

Too much twittering can take time away from the blog. I refrain.

Kitt said...

I was on Twitter for a while, but quit. Too many of the updates (including mine) are just variations on "It's hot out!" "I'm walking the dog." "Here's what I'm cooking for dinner."

I'd rather read a blog post that has some substance to it.

Owen said...

I hate twitter (sorry - but I do - even though I know some of the founders)

Ed said...

Yes, twittering when I get around to it. Friends spy on me on it. Tomatom

sue bette said...

Hi All,

Thanks for the twitter notes - it's interesting to hear the different view points. I have actually found twitter to be fun & useful - it's a great way to get out information that might not make a full blog post.

Like Amy I think the key is being selective about who you follow (like not the person who posts "at starbucks" 3 times a day.) And I try to be selective about what I post.

Thanks again, feel free to keep the comments coming!


Kelly the Kitchen Kop said...

I'm still undecided on Twitter. It's a way to give my readers a peek into my everyday life, boring as it is!

Here's my Twitter name:

Lulu Barbarian said...

This was a great idea for a thread topic. I hope more food bloggers leave twitter addresses here.

I'm at

I'm kind of groping for how to best use Twitter. There was that social media love-in over at ProBlogger and now I'm following all kinds of non-food people. 'Course, they're following me too, which is presumably good. But unless I'm on Twitter all the time, which I can't be, the tweets that interest me more drop off my front page. I'd love to follow more food bloggers instead.

Candy said...

Twitter is very useful because it lets you be in touch with your friends and family and you know what are they doing in that moment.

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Biggie said...

I've recently changed the way I use Twitter. I used to have the update badge on my site and be very selective about what I posted (relevant to packed lunches or bentos?). Last week I loaded a couple of Twitter applications on my iPhone, took the badge down from my site, and started Twittering more interactively. I'm enjoying it as it makes me feel more a part of the food blogging community.

I'm at

Sangeeth said...

i luv twittering....