Monday, August 11, 2008

Pravda (Russian Newspaper Giant) Steals Food Photo

You all might want to keep an eye out for Pravda .. seems they like to steal food images with impunity.

They stole one of my images and even had the cojones to REMOVE MY COPYRIGHT NOTICE from my image.

I am deeply indebted to a kewl fellow photographer who wrote me out of the blue to let me know!

Here is my image:

Here is the Pravda stolen one, look closely and you can see they removed my copyright symbol and other rights related text.

This Post was written by Nika from Nika's Culinaria


cybele said...

The good news is that getting it removed (or at least punishing pravda) will be rather simple.

Bypass trying to contact them and just file a DMCA with Google Adsense. They'll take care of contacting Pravda and getting your image removed and hopefully cost Pravda a week or two of income which will spur them to be more conscientious.

nika said...

cybele: you have exactly 100% more trust in the system than I do. I will give that a try too.

I dont really expect anything to work.

kitchenmage said...

I notice that Pravda credits all of the photos to another photo-scraping site so it may not be them directly. Which just complicates things.

I sent Google a DMCA takedown notice on something I clearly owned and they refused to deal with it because the site owner had changed the URL where the image could be found (moved it to the archive at the start of the next month) so I would have had to start over and redo it every time they changed where the photo was linked - and the idiots who ran the site did change it repeatedly because they don't get how the web works. Since it was an image that was stolen by a print rag and used as a fullbleed tabloid front cover, the website was the least of it and Google sucked so I didn't bother.

Jennifer Maiser said...

Thanks Nika. How did you figure it out?

nika said...

Jennifer: Thats the great part of the story - someone emailed me to tell me! Unless I am like having a senior mom commuting moment .. I do not know this kind person, he just took it upon him self to email me.

They have tekn it down now...

Almost Vegetarian said...

Is it just me, or is this sort of thing is happening more and more these days.

And not just photos; text, too.

It is frustrating stuff. But it is very helpful to have forums like this so we can see how other people manage.


cybele said...

Nika - that's pretty funny that they removed it, but they replaced it with a completely different fruit.

As if the series isn't actually the 10 Most Exotic Fruits, but the 10 Most Exotic Fruits We Could Find Pictures Of

Kalyn said...

Nika, I'm glad to see it's been removed. I recently filed my first DMCA complaint, and google seems to be addressing it. At least I'm getting correspondence telling me "they are taking care of it" although I haven't actually heard yet that the site was shut down yet.

This site only had ten recipes of mine, so it wasn't that time consuming. I saved the letter so that when it happens again I can just cut-and-paste the new urls.

I am happy to report though that switching to short feeds has significantly reduced the number of places I find stealing my stuff. Actually have not found any others for weeks now!