Saturday, August 30, 2008


what is this about?
This blog repeats this post over and over again for two pages worth.
Why, and why is it mentioning me?

"1963 Retro Cruel disappointment way Marin
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A Nifty Lineup up Absorb a Saturday AfternoonSmoked Oysters

Notable Pear Chutney assembled per our illusory hosts

Unconditionally sixties clamor cavity-overstuffed vegetables by virtue of Sedateness Jen

Crenellate Eggs over yours beyond question

Cucumber Gathered conformable to Bonnie- largely gustable They had versus sly kind of for take in goodish foster home

unheard adieu frontier

Cheeseballs abounded - these ones bounced into bounden duty congruent with Marc

7 Layers relative to Yum assimilating refined chorizo save Anita and Cameron

Dr Biggles dug a pitch forestage entranceway the storm center as regards the sward and cooked above a full of point blitzkrieg

Anita had yet infused bravura brandy inclusive of pear

A cosmic return thanks ego goes outer towards the hosts, into John Doe who bought indescribable chow(made of the plumbing Oneself didn’t duplicate). In virtue of my friends High-toned and Michael on account of responsive inner man a bump off and notably on Modish who shoal psychological moment the bandeau relating to us imbibed save and except worrying. Separately away from the reality unsound Fred had towards best seller and deathly couldn’t can do, that was a crazy refreshing common year…

Suffix- A minimum other photos in passage to Flickr and photos therewith Jen.

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flumoxed, I am?

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Nate-n-Annie said...

It reads like random text that gets put into spam emails to get past heuristic spam filters. No idea why they're putting this text into a blog.

Owen said...

don't know if you noticed dr biggles is in there too - plus I suspect other food bloggers

I think it is a splog experiment - scraping real blogs, mixing with nonsense and then using to generate adwords, clicks and create outbound spam and spam comments - it reads like that

Sam said...

should I change my blog name to "Becks & Tricksy"???

Haalo said...

i thought it looked more like one of those english to other language back to english translations.

Ilva said...

I often get google alerts about blog posts like this with Lucullian inserted somewhere in the nonsense. I always suspected that it had to do with spamming in one way or another

SusanV said...

Like Ilva I often get Google alerts to sites like this, sometimes twice a day, and like Owen, I believe they're trying to take advantage of adsense. So if I notice garbage text around my site's or my name in the alerts, I never visit them--don't want to deliver even one extra click.

cookiecrumb said...

Ohmagah!!! That's my "1963 Retro Cruel disappointment way Marin" house it's talking about!!!
I can't believe how weird this is.
Should I be scared?
Thanks for the heads up, Tricksy.
(Hey, at least it says the chutney was "notable." Oh, wait. It also says I was "illusory." Funny.)

Anita (Married... with dinner) said...

And wouldn't you know it? I'm straining this year's batch of "bravura brandy inclusive of pear" today! Now I have a name for it :)

zoe said...

lol, yes, Sam, please change your name to Becks & Tricksy, that is beyond redonk!

I agree with Susanv, won't give them a single click.

nika said...

I like the idea of crenellated eggs tho!

I watch my stats not for the numbers but for the links people are visiting, especially specific inner site links that are directly typed into people's browser address bar.

I am finding that I will get a spam comment and then soem days later someone hits from India or Russia or some other dubious place to that SPECIFIC comment.. they are visiting back to check on their spam.

I have also seen their google terms (I see anyone's search terms who visit my site, as you do too) where they are googling for hits on their spam content.

I am sure that this is what they are doing here. They are likely triangulating and adjusting terms by day and sector to ID best adsense payout.

I certainly would never take it personally!

They just like your pagerank.

jen maiser said...

ummm ... and apparently I am "Sedateness Jen".

Rev. Biggles said...