Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Question about Food Buzz

I am looking at the contract offered by Food Buzz for bloggers to carry their ads.  I read the earlier posts here, but I had a specific question because I have zero technical knowledge.

After I emailed Food Buzz and created a profile, they linked my last week's posts on their site.  When you click on those links (and I mean "When I click" because I'm sure no one else has found my profile there!), you see a screen with Food Buzz at the top and what looks like my blog filling the rest of the screen.  But the URL says "foodbuzz.com."  When I click on the links, I stay on "foodbuzz.com."  

Is this nefarious or normal?  I was curious about Food Buzz because I saw it on some really good blogs like Lunch in a Box and Adventures in Baltimore Restaurants.  I'd appreciate any feedback, but my first question is whether Food Buzz has just copied my blog for itself or has done something that helps both of us.  Blogging is just a hobby, but I don't want to create content for some company that just takes it.

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Cybele said...

Nefarious or normal?

Well, it's their business plan.

They're aggregating content on their site and using a naviation system to deliver it.

Users get to see the sites in their native format with the large toolbar from Food Buzz.

Yes, it keeps their URL in the top and you navigate with that there. As an exchange for the intrusion you get a place where you can contribute to the community by rating things and you can save your favorites there and share it.

Joining up also means that they can act as you advertising agency and book ads onto your blog and you can earn money.

The only issue I've had with them is that bloggers have to OPT OUT of their system. Profiles were created without permission and our content was delivered within this framing system. But as a transgression it's pretty minor and they do remove blogs by request (and never showed advertising on content that was not part of their network, as far as I know).

If you enjoy it, use it! If you think that you'll get some nice traffic from it or money, participate. If not, move on and build your readership another way.

Cindy said...

"...my first question is whether Food Buzz has just copied my blog for itself or has done something that helps both of us. "

I think that people reading your full blog entries via Foodbuzz will still be recognised as traffic in whatever counter you are using (Statcounter, Google Analytics, etc). At the very least they don't appear to be taking readers away from *your* URL!

judy said...

The problem with what FoodBuzz is doing with this framing of your site is that they are using your content and getting the ad revenue that really you should be getting. This is basically content scraping. To get around this, here is a link that shows how you can add javascript to your site to redirect FoodBuzz to your site when they link to it: http://www.lastappetite.com/how-to-food-blog-breaking-food-buz/

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