Monday, March 31, 2008

Stealing. But why?

Okay, so A Collection of Cooking Recipes was stealing my content. (

I complained and complained and finally, their ads were taken down.

But, they continue to steal my content.

And this site ( too, but again, no ads.

Any thoughts on WHY if they aren't getting any revenue?


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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Room shares for BlogHer conference in July?

I'm going to BlogHer this summer, woohoo! I don't know the conference room rates, but usually it's cheaper for two people to share a room, right? If so, I'd like to find another female food blogger who is interested in sharing a room.

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Team Blogs - over 100 members

Hi, I'm hoping someone can help (possibly yourself Sam!).

I run the UK Food Bloggers Association, a team blog for all the food bloggers based in the UK. This evening the members have reached the 100 mark and Blogger is giving me an error message saying I can't have more than 100 authors. Eek! Is there anything I can do? Will I have to resort to posting on behalf of members? I'd appreciate any help or advice.

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Is anyone using Twitter? I just signed up this morning and added a link on my blog. I like the idea of using it the way Derrick does (of Obsession with Food) to update what I've been cooking, eating, etc.

Thoughts? Also if you are letting people follow you, please let me know so I can follow you too!

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sorry! One more thing...

Hi again...I thought my website would show up in the last post and I am not sure it did, so here it is
Thanks again for your time,
Sue Bette

New Blog - Looking for Feedback

Hi All,

I have been reading for a couple of months but this is my first post - so thanks for all of the tips and advice I have gotten already.
I am basically looking for feedback on my blog (design & content) and would love to hear any advice on increasing readers and just getting the blog out there.

Thanks again,
Sue Bette

Just Conversation

I was thinking about this the other day and thought I might pose the question here, curious to hear what y'all think. For those that have been blogging awhile, what has changed with regards to your feelings about blogging since you started?

In the beginning, and probably for the first year, I used to obsessively check my stats daily, at the very least; now three years later, I doubt I check it more than once a month, if that.

I also used to blog daily, and did so probably for the first two years. I've definitely relaxed in that aspect too, and now take 2-3 nights off a week.

What's changed for you?

Your turn! :)

Monday, March 17, 2008


Great info from today's SF Chronicle newspaper...

Q: I'm starting a personal Web site that will include photographs I've taken through the years. I'd like to make it so viewers can't copy or save the photos. I've visited sites where a pop-up will appear saying something like "You are not allowed to copy this" when you right-click and attempt to save an image. How can I enable this feature for my page?

A: You can prevent right-clicking of images by adding a simple piece of code to your Web site, but it's not a foolproof solution. A clever user might be able to extract a photo from a browser's cache or use screen-capture software to save it. Also, the right-click trick may not work if the user has disabled JavaScript in the browser.

A better option would be to watermark your photos with your name, a warning about unauthorized use, or a copyright notice. Watermarks can be placed so they don't interfere with viewing photos, but might dissuade Web site visitors from copying them.

Programs including Photoshop Elements and Paint Shop Pro let you watermark groups of photos. Or, you could use a software program designed for the task, such as Picture-shark (free at or Visual Watermark ($34.95 at

By the way, you don't have to register or pay in order to copyright a photo you've taken. Just add a notice that includes the copyright symbol (press the "c" key while holding down the Alt and Ctrl keys).

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Very weird link

Something odd, puzzling, has happened, and I wonder if anyone could throw any light on it. I have discovered a link to my blog, apparently in Australia, which is a single page inviting people to an Easter barbecue, giving an address which looks real, a telephone number. At the bottom is a list of possible guests, all of which are hyperlinks, one of which says Joanna, and links to my blog.

I do not have any known connection with anything on this page ... I am puzzled as to what it's about (it's not like I blog about barbecuing, or anything). Can anyone throw any light on it? the domain name is odium ...

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

What do you do if your domain name has been registered?

Gosh I'm really smacking myself in the head about this. I've been beating around the bush about registering a domain name (www.nookandpantry .com) and it didn't seem like a very popular name at all so I just decided to wait. I finally decide to register it and I was shocked that it's been registered, only two days ago!

So I have 2 questions:

1. What do you do if the domain name you want is taken. It seems like www. is the most logical. Do I have any other options?

2. I'm also very newbie about this whole process but how do you go about buying/registering a domain in the first place. I looked at some older topics about this and it seems like I have a few options:, GoDaddy, Domain Direct, or Yahoo

Any recommendations?

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What to do with comments that link to upsetting blogs?

I just received a comment from a blogger that has a site that I find offensive -- mostly because of its hateful language toward a certain group of people. I deleted it but I sort of wonder if that will tick him off and make matters worse.

What do others do in this case? Delete it? Let it go?


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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

So What's Up With the Comment Spammers?

I've looked around for info but was just curious if anyone knew more than what I've been able to figure out. Less than 5 minutes after I create a new post on my blog, I get a comment from __?__ (most recently it was "Tygogal"), along with the text "Go here or here" with the "here" being a link. The very first time it happened, not knowing any better, I clicked on the link and was taken to a sex-peddling site. I then immediately went back to my blog settings to enable comment moderation, and have been regularly rejecting all the comments like that. As I said, I notice that I get one of those comments within 5 minutes of a new post. I take it that now they (spammers) have a program that looks for new posts and immediately sends the comment?

Are there people within Blogger who can eliminate these fake blogs and bloggers or is it just another thing we have to adjust to?

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Anyone else heading to the Home and Housewares in Chicago?

I'm heading off to the Home and Housewares Show in Chicago on Saturday. I met a few other bloggers and food writers there last year and I'm hoping to meet more of you this year.

We're hosting a very informal get together in Chicago on Saturday night. Would be great if you could make it ....

This Post was written by Chris from Apartment Therapy's

Anyone else heading to the Home and Housewares in Chicago?

I'm heading off to the Home and Housewares Show in Chicago on Saturday. I met a few other bloggers and food writers there last year and I'm hoping to meet more of you this year.

We're hosting a very informal get together in Chicago on Saturday night. Would be great if you could make it ....

This Post was written by Chris from Apartment Therapy's

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Is Jeena trying your patience?

She is certainly trying mine.
If you know who I mean, you'll know what I mean.

There is no need to visit her site and increase her traffic because...

"Due to the "high increase" of visitors to Jeena's forum we are unable to connect you to the forum- sorry. We are upgrading the system, Please be patient."

I am sure the 'increased visitors' are actually caused by annoyed bloggers heading over the to tell her to bog off and stop leaving irrelevant spam comments on their own blogs.

But I am wondering - do you think "Jeena" is for real, or do you think she is some fictional character made up by some person or people trying to build some site with some ulterior motive?

The photo is very friendly and welcoming - but maybe it's all fiction?

Fiction or not - I am certainly not going to all for Jeena's charms.

How about you?

Friday, March 07, 2008

Kitchen scale recommendations?

Hi all,

I am thinking about buying a kitchen scale and wondered if y'all have any recommendations on types of scales or brands?

Thanks so much!

-Eve from GardenofEating

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Foodbuzz vs Blogher advertising

I've been trying to decide which to take on for awhile and read the information about Foodbuzz that folks have posted on the site, but I can't decide whether I should feature Foodbuzz or Blogher advertising.

If people could tell me about their experiences with each, and if you've tried both, which you prefer and why, that would be really helpful!

Thanks in advance, guys :)

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Casting: Compete to Win a Restaurant

Hi all! Just a note: I have no relationship with this production company, nor am I trying out for this show...I just wanted to share!


GRANADA AMERICA, the producers that brought you Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares are seeking two-person teams, with pre-existing relationships, who have always dreamed of opening their own restaurant

Have you and your spouse, friend, family member, business associate or colleague dreamed of opening your own restaurant? Is one of you a whiz in the kitchen while the other is a front of the house superstar? Do you have what it takes to open and run a successful restaurant? Has financing always been a problem?

HERE IS YOUR CHANCE TO MAKE YOUR DREAM COME TRUE.Casting events will take place in the following cities:

New York City:
Spotlight Live
1604 Broadway @ 49th Street, New York, NY 10019
Saturday, March 8th 2008, 10am - 4pm
For more information on this event e-mail:

Los Angeles:
Simon LA at Sofitel LA
8555 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048
Saturday, March 8th 2008, 10am - 4pm
For more information on this event e-mail:

Atlanta, GA :
W Hotel Perimeter Atlanta
111 Perimeter Center West, Atlanta, GA 30346
Sunday, March 16th 2008, 10am - 4pm
For more information on this casting event e-mail:

Houston, TX:
1117 Prairie St. at San Jacinto, Houston, TX 77002
Sunday, March 16th, 2008, 10am- 4pm
For more information on this casting event e-mail:

Washington DC:
Sofitel LaFayette Square Washington DC
806 15th Street NW, Washington DC, 20005 Washington
Saturday, March 22nd 2008, 10am-4pm
For more information on this casting event e-mail:

Hard Rock Hotel Chicago - Hamer Room - 4th Floor
230 North Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60601
Saturday, March 22nd 2008, 10am-4pm
For more information on this casting event e-mail:

Over 21 years of age; U.S. Citizens or Permanent U.S. Residents
2-person teams with pre-existing relationships: couples, friends, family, co-workers, chef teams, retired couples, college grads, weekend gourmets, old and young.

Must be outgoing, creative, love the restaurant business and want to open and run your own restaurant!


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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Inspiration: Prop Room

Did you all catch Martha Stewart's post on her prop room?

Don't know about you but my kitchen has been taken over more and more by stacks of individual pieces of china plates, ceramic bowls, and sterling serving spoons. But this room of MS, sigh.

By Elise from Simply Recipes

Monday, March 03, 2008


Hello all...

Just thought I'd post a note/warning here. Found out yesterday that is "hosting" a blog that's lifted a number of my posts. I've written to the admin, but nothing (yet). Anyway, I was looking into them and found this post by Gary M'Gath, who too has had content lifted.


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