Monday, November 17, 2008

New blog scraper

Hi everyone I first saw an incoming link today coming from this site, and it turns out they were scraping Tartelette (photos and all), but also I saw content from Food Blogga, Vegan Kitchen, etc. It looks relatively new but they need to get shut down.

FuzzyClam (dot com)

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Casting Call for Turkey Leftover Chefs

This was forwarded to me.

Warning -- I have not taken the time to check it all out to see if it is on the up and up but the person who sent it to me is very reliable -- If you are in the NYC area at Thanksgiving this might be fun. If you check it out and it is not "kosher" leave a comment below and I'll remove this post.

Hello All,
I am just sending out a little casting call, please forward to ANYBODY you think might be applicable.
I am looking for several home cooks (or rising star chefs looking for a great break) to do a segment during the Thanksgiving parade on CBS called "Leftovers Done Right". Basically, we want some home-spun recipes of what to do with any/some/all of the thanksgiving leftovers (including desserts!) Simple is better, and we would entertain ALL forms of cooking (heck, if you can figure a way to grill the leftover turkey- you deserve your own show!)
We would tape in Manhattan (make sure you can get there, sorry left coasters!) on either Nov. 21 or 22nd, whichever is better for the majority of our home chefs, and taping should only take about 2 hours per person.
Interested folks can email either, or Thanks for forwarding, and Happy Holidays, everyone!!!
Jim Mullen2008 Thanksgiving Day Parade on CBS212.239.0777

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